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FFVI Confuse status

Confuse is a status in Final Fantasy VI. The affected acts at random with inverted targeting where he/she will attack allies and heal enemies. Confused characters will never use Item, Revert, Throw, Control, Slot, Leap, Defend, Summon, or Possess. Any commands entered but not yet executed before the status occurred will continue normally, but with reversed targeting. This status also prevents the user from activating his/her Desperation Attack.

Confused monsters use the command list that appears when Relm controls them, which frequently includes abilities not in their normal battle script. Attackers will have a 25% bonus to hit rate against those affected. It can be removed via any physical attack that hits, and disappears at the end of battle.


Abilities Apparition (Dance), Confuser, Noiseblaster (Tools)
Spells Bad Breath, Confuse, Lv.3 Confuse, Stone
Summons Cait Sith (Cat Rain)
Weapons Angel Brush (Can cast Confuse)

Enemy abilities[]

Ability Description Enemy
Apparition Inflicts Confuse to one target. Skull Dragon
Bad Breath Inflicts Darkness, Poison, Sap, Imp, Silence, and Confuse to one target. Malboro, Great Malboro, Dark Force, Malboro Menace
Booty Shake Inflicts Confuse to one target. Amduscias
Brainblast Inflicts Confuse to one target. InnoSent
Brainstorm Inflicts Confuse to one target. Cruller
Confuse Inflicts Confuse to one target. Kefka, Level 20 Magic, Magic, Wizard, Abaddon
Confuse Claw Inflicts Confuse to one target. Erebus (Bottom Left)
Crazed Signal Inflicts Confuse to one target. Dropper
Diabolic Whistle Randomly inflicts Darkness, Poison, Imp, Doom, Berserk, Confuse, Sap, and Slow to the party. Glutturn (X-Ether), Pandora, Phantom Train, Malboro Menace
Disaster Inflicts Darkness, Imp, Doom, Silence, Confuse, and Float to one target or the party. Brachiosaur, Chaos Dragon, Abaddon, Skull Dragon, Kaiser Dragon, Glutturn (X-Ether)
Gaze Inflicts Confuse to one target. Plague
Hug Inflicts Confuse to one target. Humpty
Insanitouch Inflicts Confuse to one target. Lich, Oversoul
Jarring Blow Inflicts Confuse to one target. Shield Dragon
Lv.3 Confuse Inflicts Confuse to all targets whose levels are a multiple of 3. Trapper, Apocrypha, Devil, Dark Force, Dante, Omega Weapon, Zurvan, Ultros (2nd)
Mad Sickle Inflicts Confuse to one target. Neck Hunter
Mighty Claw Inflicts Confuse to one target. Gold Dragon (Dragon's Den)
Mind Blast Inflicts Darkness, Zombie, Poison, Imp, Petrify, Doom, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Sap, Sleep, Slow, or Stop on four random targets. Ultima Weapon, Kaiser Dragon, Omega Weapon
Overflow Inflicts Confuse to one target. Number 024
Program 95 Inflicts Confuse to one target. Belzecue
Stench Inflicts Confuse to one target. Creature
Stone Randomly damages one or all enemies on screen, with the chance to inflict Confuse. If target's Level is the same as caster's, the damage is increased. Iron Fist, Ultros (3rd), Zaghrem, Knotty, Guardian, Valeor, Dark Force, Gilgamesh
Supersonic Wave Inflicts Confuse to one target. Satellite
Whirling Umbrella Inflicts Confuse to one target. Zeveak


Relic Peace Ring, Ribbon

In addition, the Cursed Shield will inflict Confuse on the wearer.


Abilities Forest Healing, Racoon, Soul Spiral, Tapir
Spells Esuna, Transfusion
Summons Unicorn


The following are immune to Confuse:

Abaddon, Actinian, Adamankary, Amduscias, Anemone, Antares, Apparition, Armodullahan, Armored Weapon, Aspiran, Baalzephon, Behemoth, Birthday Suit, Bonnacon, Brachiosaur, Cactuar, Cadet, Cancer, Chaos Dragon, Chimera, Clymenus, Coco, Covert, Crusher, Crystal Dragon, Dark Force, Death Rider, Delta Beetle, Devil Fist, Devourer, Dragon, Dropper, Enuo, Exoray, Fiend Dragon, Gamma, Garm, Gigantos, Gloomwind, Glutturn, Gorgimera, Great Behemoth, Great Dragon, Illuyankas, Imperial Elite, Intangir, Io, Killer Mantis, Land Grillon, Leap Frog, Level 30 Magic, Level 40 Magic, Level 60 Magic, Level 70 Magic, Level 80 Magic, Luridan, Magic Dragon, Magic Urn, Magna Roader (Purple), Marchosias, Maximera, Medusa Chicken, Merchant, Misty, Mousse, Mover, Mugbear, Naude, Ninja, Outsider, Paraladia, Primeval Dragon, Prometheus, Purusa, Rafflesia, Samurai Soul, Sandhorse, Satellite, Scorpion, Seaflower, Shambling Corpse, Shield Dragon, Still Life, Suriander, Test Rider, Tonberries, Tonberry, Tumbleweed, Twinscythe, Tyrannosaur, Vector Chimera, Vector Lythos, Veil Dancer, Vilia, Warlock, Wartpuck, Wizard, Yojimbo, Zone Eater, Zurvan

The following have Confuse automatically applied to them:


All bosses are immune to Confuse except the following:

Earth Eater, Erebus (Upper Right), Erebus (Bottom Right), Flan Princess, Gargantua, Guard Leader, Ice Dragon (Narshe), Laragorn, Magitek Armor, Nelapa, Red Dragon (Phoenix Cave), Rhizopas, Samurai Soul, Siegfriend (Colosseum), Soul Saver