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The Confederacy is a group of pirates ruling over the Ruby Sea in Final Fantasy XIV.


The Confederacy have ruled over the Ruby Sea between Othard and Hingashi for as long as anyone can remember, though their group was founded on the island of Sakazuki. They are based in Crick on the island of Onokoro, paying no heed to superstitions regarding the towering Heaven-on-High—that fabled home of the kami that frightened generations sailors into giving the area a wide berth. Long recognized by both Doma and Hingashi as the primary power in the region, all passing through their territory are expected to pay the "Ruby Tithe", an extortive fee paid to ensure safety from the Confederacy's raiders during travel.

The founder of the Confederacy initially attempted to scale the tower, and even triumphed over the thirtieth floor of Heaven-on-High. Upon realizing he could go no further within the ancient tower, he chose to become a protector of the Ruby Sea. Every Confederate leader since has used the thirtieth floor as a yalmstick to measure themselves. This includes their current leader, Rasho.

Following the Garlean Empire's conquest of Doma over 20 years ago, the Confederacy remained independent of the struggle though many members were of Doman descent, as per their laws state that anyone who joins the Confederacy must forsake previous allegiances. The Empire, for their part, saw no value in controlling the Ruby Sea and allowed the Confederacy to operate as usual though their soldiers often balked at paying the Ruby Tithe. However, upon Yotsuyu goe Brutus being named acting Viceroy of Doma and bearing a seething hatred for all things Doman, Garlemald began to crack down on the Confederacy's operations, threatening that anyone who does business with the pirates, including paying the Ruby Tithe, would be branded as enemies of the Empire. Bowing to this pressure, Hingashi severed all ties to the Confederacy and other independent sailors became reluctant to sail in the Ruby Sea, forcing the pirates to threaten any ships who did not pay the Ruby Tithe which made traveling the Ruby Sea all the more dangerous. Despite the Confederacy's threats, they hesitate risking the wrath of the Empire as they believe they lack the strength to combat their power. The Confederacy's livelihood was at stake, forcing its leaders to consider bowing before the Empire, begging for scraps or go down in blaze of glory in one final battle.

The Confederacy made contact with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn who were seeking passage to Doma to rekindle the flames of rebellion against the Empire. The pirates were reluctant to aid them, given the strength of the imperials and of their Red Kojin allies, even when many of their members had been detained by Yotsuyu and Isari placed under Garlean control. Though Rasho preferred waiting until the day the Empire grows weak enough for them to rise up, he was willing to let the Scions prove themselves by removing the Red Kojin of their posts, granting the Confederacy the opportunity to not only free their people from Yotsuyu, but also drive the Garleans from Isari and thereby from the Ruby Sea. The Scions get the Red Kojin to abandon their posts after breaching into their treasure vaults and slay their primal, Susano, allowing the Confederacy to attack and free Isari, though Yotsuyu escapes back to Doma.

With their people and Isari liberated, the Confederacy thanks the Scions for their aid and promise to return the favor in the future battles ahead against the Empire in Doma. After the Scions gather new allies for the Doman Liberation Front and recover their leader, Hien Rijin, the rebels mount their attack on Doma Castle, with the Confederacy honoring their promise in lending their sizable fleet to attack the castle once the magitek barrier defending the castle is lowered, routing the Garlean occupation. Upon claiming victory and the Garlean forces retreating, Lord Hein personally thanks Rasho for the Confederacy's aid, Rasho merely stating he had been waiting over 20 years to see Doma free, payment enough for their aid.

Following Doma's liberation, as well as Ala Mhigo's, the Confederacy found itself attacked by a Garlean force after the pirates had allowed safe passage across the Ruby Sea for Gosetsu Everfall and an amnesiac Yotsuyu, both of who survived Doma Castle's destruction. The Garleans hoped to retrieve the former acting viceroy, but the pirates and the Scions forced them to retreat. The Confederacy then begrudgingly allow Yotsuyu to travel with the Scions to Doma.