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For the Blue Magic spell Doom see Blue Magic.

Sentence a target to the effects of different spells.


FFV Condemn Icon iOS.pngCondemn (せんこく, Senkoku?, lit. Condemnation) is the Oracle job's level 1 ability, exclusive to the Advance and Android/iOS/Steam versions of Final Fantasy V. It allows the use of several abilities, both elemental- and status-inducing, at no MP cost. Execution time depends on the Oracle's level, requiring 15 time units at level 1, 10 at level 2, 7 at level 3, and 5 when the job is mastered. The ability will fail on Heavy types (such as bosses).

List of condemnations[]

Ability Effect Image
Black Frost Deals minor to moderate Ice-elemental damage to a single target. FFV iOS Condemn - Black Frost.png
Brimstone Deals minor to moderate Fire-elemental damage to a single target. FFV iOS Condemn - Brimstone.png
Doom Inflicts Death to a single target. FFV Doom.png
Judgment Deals minor to moderate Lightning-elemental damage to a single target. FFV Judgment.png
Recuperation Removes all negative statuses from a single target. Recuperation.png
Rejuvenation Restores moderate HP to a single target. Rejuvenation.png
Salientia Inflicts Toad to a single target. FFV iOS Condemn - Salientia.png
Still Wing Inflicts Stop to a single target. Still Wing.png