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For the Blue Magic spell Doom see Blue Magic.
Sentence a target to the effects of different spells.

FFV Condemn Icon iOSCondemn (せんこく, Senkoku?, lit. Sentence) is the Oracle class's level 1 ability, exclusive to the Advance and Android/iOS/Steam remasters of Final Fantasy V. It allows the user to use several abilities, both elemental and status inducing, at no MP cost. Condemn becomes faster as the job levels up. The ability will fail on Heavy types (such as bosses).

List of condemnationsEdit

Ability Effect Image
Black Frost Deals minor to moderate ice-elemental damage to one enemy. FFV iOS Condemn - Black Frost
Brimstone Deals minor to moderate fire-elemental damage to one enemy. FFV iOS Condemn - Brimstone
Doom Inflicts Death to one enemy. FFV Doom
Judgment Deals minor to moderate lightning-elemental damage to one enemy. FFV Judgment
Recuperation Removes all negative statuses from one party member. Recuperation
Rejuvenation Restores moderate HP to one party member. Rejuvenation
Salientia Inflicts Toad to one enemy. FFV iOS Condemn - Salientia
Still Wing Inflicts Stop to one enemy. Still Wing
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