The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is a sub-franchise within the Final Fantasy series that continues the storyline of Final Fantasy VII. Unlike other similar "series" within Final Fantasy, like the Ivalice Alliance, every game in the Compilation is of the same continuous storyline. It includes all of the spin-off games or movie titles related to Final Fantasy VII. This sub-series tends to have a more "sci-fi" tone than most other Final Fantasy games, with much of its world based on modern technology and society. The primary creative team for this series is made up of Tetsuya Nomura as artist and director, Kazushige Nojima as scenario writer, and Yoshinori Kitase as producer.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is not planned to follow the canon of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and exists in a separate continuity.[1]


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  • The name "formula" with "AC" (Advent Children), "BC" (Before Crisis), "CC" (Crisis Core), and "DC" (Dirge of Cerberus) was a coincidence of production. The title of Before Crisis was partially chosen to link up the abbreviation "BC" with "AC" in reference to year designations. Early plans for Crisis Core were to name it "Before Crisis Core", but it was decided the "Before" was unnecessary, creating the pattern.[2]

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