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The duty of the strong is to protect the weak.

Creed of the Company of Heroes.

The Company of Heroes was a band of skilled mercenaries in Final Fantasy XIV. They gained their reputation throughout Eorzea for defeating Titan and Leviathan before the Calamity.

Notable members[]


Before Final Fantasy XIV[]

In the year 1565 of the Sixth Astral Era, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, who had just become the Admiral of Limsa Lominsa, hired the Company of Heroes to help the city-state lead with the primal threat. A year later, the Company of Heroes defeated Titan who had been summoned by the Kobolds. Later the same year when the Sahagin summoned Leviathan, the Company of Heroes worked alongside the Knights of the Barracuda to defeat the primal.[1]

The band continued to accept missions for the next ten years, losing many of their best to repeated tribal summons before disbanding in the wake of the Calamity in 1572. Some of the former members, including Wheiskaet, a captain who was injured during a fight against Titan, were hired as guards for Gegeruju, a wealthy merchant who owned the beaches of Bloodshore.[2]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Five years after the Calamity, the Kobolds summoned their primal again. In the absence of the Company of Heroes, the Maelstrom asked the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, who had already defeated the primal Ifrit, to deal with Titan. Y'shtola and the Warrior of Light searched former Company members for information to infiltrate O'Ghomoro. They found a man named Trachtoum, who called himself the "best axeman" of the Company of Heroes. Trachtoum proved to be a fake and revealed Wheiskaet's location. When asked for information about Titan, Wheiskaet did not trust that the Scions had the ability to take on the primal and refused to divulge any information before they proved their worth.[3]

Wheiskaet and his former comrades instructed the Warrior of Light to prepare a banquet. Once done, Wheiskaet revealed the banquet was an excuse for his comrades to assess their worthiness to face Titan. The five members of the Company of Heroes agreed that Warrior of Light had the qualities necessary to defeat the Lord of Crags.[4] With the approval of his companions, Riol revealed the Company of Heroes had reached the heart of the O'Ghomoro mines using a beastman's aetheryte.[5]

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

The Company of Heroes briefly reform in the Melee DPS role quest for Endwalker.

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Behind the scenes[]

The Company of Heroes has been briefly mentioned since the release of version 1.0 but they were only notable in patch 1.21 when the Warrior quests were introduced. In the quests Curious Gorge was the newest recruit of the Company and often performed hunting missions. Despite this, dataminigs revealed that the Company of Heroes would have a much more important role during the original release. In the original game files it is possible to find NPCs categories named Company of Heroes for each of the cities including Ishgard. Such categories were used to separate the NPCs for each storyline in game. The primals that the Company defeated were Leviathan and Titan, both of which were planned to be added in the original version, but were unreleased because Square Enix felt they would be insensitive due to the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged parts of Japan that same season. A dummied cutscene shows the Titan being summoned and there are several mercenaries present, presumably the Company of Heroes.