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Comodeen is an organization in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. It is dedicated in restoring order to the Inner World by challenging Earl Tyrant. Its members come from various worlds which have been consumed by Chaos and have banded together to fight Chaos and the Earl.

The organization is led by Knave, with notable members including Miles, Cid, and Fungo. Members of the Comodeen cover themselves with masks and wear identical suits. Their method of attack involves using blowpipes and missiles launched from various devices Cid built.

Initially, Comodeen set up its base in a Wonderland world, the Fruit Village, but this was destroyed when Makenshi and Kaze fought within. After moving to another world, Cid completed two of his projects; the submarine Jane, and the airship Silvia. However, in order for Silvia to fly, it requires flying water, located in Teros, and so Cid, Knave, Miles, Ai, Yu, Lisa Pacifist, and a band of Comodeen board Jane and set sail for Teros.

Eventually they arrive there, and collect the flying water they need. However Pist is defeated, and the Ocean Puzzle destroyed, which deposits them outside the Gaudium, where Jane is destroyed. However, the crew has survived and managed to return to their base to retrieve Silvia and return to collect those stranded within its ruins.