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The Commoner's Graveyard is a location from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is located in the back of Rivelgauge Monastery. When Layle and Keiss are pursuing Amidatelion, Layle finds Belle being threatened by Blaze, a fire-wielding Crystal Bearer. After defeating him, Layle escapes the Lilty army, under command of Jegran, on a wild chocobo.

In subsequent visits, Layle will find a handful of mourning people. Ghosts can also be found, one of which is a cat, who can be lifted up and acts normally. Ghosts who are above graves cannot be interacted with.

One grave ("Empty Grave?") contains a hidden treasure chest, and can be robbed.

To the north of the Graveyard, a door can be opened, leading to a cliff. Near the edge, Layle finds the ghost of a Lilty elder, and may use his powers on him. In there one can also find a black chocobo, the same one Layle used to chase Amidatelion. It makes no sound when mounted. If one rides it off the cliff edge, the minigame of Amidatelion's Chase begins, but they will not be there to be chased and therefore the player will not earn any score. One can nonetheless play through it to earn medals.

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