FFI wiki iconFFII wiki iconFFIII wiki iconFFIV wiki iconIVCCI wiki iconIVTAY wiki iconFFV wiki iconFFVI wiki iconFFVII wiki iconFFVIII wiki iconFFIX wiki iconFFX wiki iconX2 wiki iconX2LM wiki iconFFXII wiki iconXIIRW wiki iconFFXIII wiki iconXIII2 wiki iconLR wiki iconFFT wiki iconFFTA wiki iconFFTA2 wiki iconBravelyD wiki iconFFD wiki iconCCRoF wiki iconCCEoT wiki iconDFF2008 wiki iconD012 wiki iconFFL3 wiki icon Command abilities, also called action abilities (アクションアビリティ, Akushon Abiriti?), are abilities shown on the battle command window, commands that have a sub-menu within battle such has White Magic are sometimes called Skillset. These command abilities have countless different effects, from being physical or magical, non-elemental or elemental, or status-inflicting. A few abilities are universal, such as battle commands are Attack and Items. Each games has a different battle commands.


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