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Mix and fire off explosives that damage all enemies.


Combine (ごうせい, Gōsei?) is the Level 3 ability of the Cannoneer class available in the Advance, mobile and Steam versions of Final Fantasy V. It is similar to the Mix ability in that the player may mix two items together for various effects and is the offensive inverse to the Chemist. The difference is that Combine requires using either Blitzshot, Buckshot or Blastshot as an ingredient before using any other item. Ammunition can be bought from the Traveling Merchant.

List of possible combinations[]

Below is the list of different combinations. Each shot can be used with each item in the Mix With column, though the name will be different depending on the shot used (Cannon if the first item was an expensive Blitzshot, Burst if it was a Blastshot, and Shot if it was a cheaper Buckshot).

Damage attack[]

Name Mix With Description
Killer Shot/Burst/Cannon Fuma Shuriken Double damage vs. humans.
Dragon Shot/Burst/Cannon Dragon Fang Double damage vs. dragons.
Flame Shot/Burst/Cannon Fire Scroll Major Fire-elemental damage.
Spark Shot/Burst/Cannon Lightning Scroll Heavy Lightning-elemental damage.
Quake Shot/Burst/Cannon Goliath Tonic Major Earth-elemental damage.
Water Shot/Burst/Cannon Water Scroll Major Water-elemental damage.
Divine Shot/Burst/Cannon Hero Cocktail Major Holy-elemental damage.
Normal Shot/Burst/Cannon Shuriken Normal damage.
Needle Shot/Burst/Cannon Gold Needle Shot deals 1000 non-elemental damage, while Burst deals 2000 and Cannon 3000.

Status attack[]

All statuses have a 75% chance of being inflicted via the Combine command.

Name Mix With Description
Dark Shot/Burst/Cannon Ash Inflicts Blind.
Mini Shot/Burst/Cannon Mallet Inflicts Mini.
Power Shot/Burst/Cannon Power Drink Inflicts Berserk.
Silver Shot/Burst/Cannon Speed Shake Inflicts Old.
Slow Shot/Burst/Cannon Turtle Shell Inflicts Slow.
Vulner Shot/Burst/Cannon Iron Draft Lowers Defense.
Chaos Shot/Burst/Cannon Dark Matter Shot can inflict Confuse, while Burst can inflict Poison and Cannon may inflict Instant Death.

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