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Colossus is a frequent enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a bipedal weapon of war controlled by the Militesi Empire, and as such, appears in areas controlled by the Militesi, as well as in several missions. Of the robotic Milites weapons, the Colossus appears the most. Colossus is a member of the enemy family of the same name and is a magitek armor.




Leader 1

L. 2


Colossus hits hard, but moves slowly. It is weak to Lightning.


Staying behind it with a melee fighter can chip away at its HP and wait for a Breaksight opportunity. Blasting it with Thunder magic hits its weakness.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE Colossus FFT0 Sprite
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Mobius Final FantasyEdit

MFF Colossus Type-0
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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Colossus TCG

Colossus appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with a Fire-elemental card.



The original meaning of the word colossus is an exceptionally large statue.

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