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The Colosseum (コロシアム, Koroshiamu?) is a location and feature in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is located at Royal Capital Grandshelt, but players can quickly access from the Home screen by clicking on Arena and then on the Colosseum button in the top right corner. It is unlocked after the player reaches Royal Capital Grandshelt in the main scenario.


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It is a game mode that pitches the party against different enemies. The battles fought here are easy at the beginning but become considerably harder in higher ranks. The fights have these limitations: consumable items, Lapis revive and friend units cannot be used. Actions taken here do not count towards trophy achievements, except for Colosseum achievements.

There currently are three difficulties (BGN, INT, ADV), each with five ranks (from most difficult to easiest: S-rank, A-rank, B-rank, C-rank, D-rank). In order to advance, the player has to fight in the different rounds to accumulate 1000 colosseum points, at which point they are pitted the round's boss. Each successful battle adds 100 points, while an unsuccessful battle subtracts 50 points. Losing in a boss battle, however, does not subtract any points. After defeating the boss for the first time, a special reward is given and the player unlocks the next round. Past rounds can be replayed at any time.

Colosseum shares the same orb system with Arena. One orb Colosseum/Arena orb will be consumed to enter a battle. The players has a maximum of five, and they recharge at a rate of one per hour from the moment one is used. All five orbs are automatically replenished when the player ranks up. It takes a minimum of 825 orbs to complete all rounds of the Colosseum plus 80 more to craft the Blood Sword.

The player can make their Colosseum party static by going to Menu > Options and selecting Colosseum party. The chosen party will always be the default Colosseum party.


Rank Monsters Boss Clear reward Repeat clear reward
S-5 Golden Bomb, Searcher, Magitek Armor, Scolopendra Europa Giant's Sword Stainless Steel
S-4 Dire Lizard, Diresaur, Tyrannosaur, Wyrm Frost Dragon Recipe for Blood Sword Blood Stone
S-3 Toadgre, Armored Beast, Hivesguard, Adamantoise Antlion Toxic Dagger Blood Alcryst
S-2 Poison Bat, Bandercoeurl, Goblin Mage, Bloody Eye Hell's Rider SPR +10% Mega Ether
S-1 Cactuar, Human Trap, Golden Eagle, Mammon Moogle Eater Lapis x500
A-5 Killer Mantis, Sea Scorpion, Gigas Worm, Black Widow Sand Worm Defender's Bracer Grenade
A-4 Skuldier, Ghoul, Fossil Dragon, Zombie Soldier Bone Dragon Kangaroo
A-3 Bas-relief, Medusa, Objet d'Art, Gladilith Monster Effigy Golden Axe Y-Potion
A-2 Sergeant, Cutpurse, Belmodar, Mage Flamesblade Recipe for Mega Ether
A-1 Desert Sahagin, Goblin, Dark Wizard, Red Marshmallow Undine Lapis x500
B-5 Security Eye, Hill Gigas, Barbarus, Centipede Test Subject No. 8 Survivor Helm Unicorn Horn
B-4 Footpad, Sorcerer, Poison Eagle, Ice Sculpture Ziggurat Gigas Golden Staff
B-3 Peeper, Mandragora, Cactuar, Woodwatcher Ochu Recipe for Y-Potion
B-2 Medusa, Imp, Floateye, Mercury Bat Hunger Hero Drink
B-1 Blue Elemental, Ghost, Damia, Alraune Wandering One Lapis x500
C-5 Shark, Abtu, Amoebozoa, Desert Sahagin Architeuth Magi Robe Gold Needle
C-4 Wild Rat, Coeurl, Wolf, Purusa Behemoth Golden Armor
C-3 Foot Soldier, Sorcerer, Goblin Guard, Sergeant Ogre Phoenix Down
C-2 Poplium, Soul, Skeleton, Ghoul Mahadeva Frag Grenade
C-1 Treant, Microchu, Ivy, Green Wisp Roper Lapis x500
D-5 Bomb, Magitek Armor, Searcher, Yellow Jelly Io Chapeau Vaccine
D-4 Allosaur, Balaur, Basilisk, Wyvern Apatosaurus Golden Vest
D-3 Headstone, Objet d'Art, Werepanther, Wizard Chimera MAG +10%
D-2 Hornet, Poison Toad, Sprinter Rudra Elixir
D-1 Dive Talon, Rukh, Scorpion, Tarantula Greater Mantis Lapis x500
S-5 Balloon, Killer Shark, Gladilith Frost Dragon Recipe for Turbo Ether Holy Torch
S-4 Medusa, Dire Lizard, Skuldier Sand Worm Angel Ring
S-3 Epimetheus, Searcher, Scolopendra Architeuth Recipe for Sage's Robe
S-2 Ziggurat Gigas, Skadi, Blue Elemental Lesser Lopros Mystery Veil
S-1 Hivesguard, Purusa, Objet d'Art, Ogre Hell's Rider Lapis x500
A-5 Scorpion, Hill Gigas, Diresaur, Tyrannosaur Wyvern Giant's Axe X-Potion
A-4 Peeper, Stunner, Merman, Basilisk Bone Dragon Recipe for Holy Torch
A-3 Green Slime, Footpad, Gigas Worm, Red Marshmallow Primevil Wall Ring
A-2 Wizard, Pit Fiend, Bas-relief, Undine Roper Mythril Armor
A-1 Ghoul, Ghost, Zombie Zombie Soldier x2 Lapis x500
B-5 Poplium, Ipooh, Red Elemental, Fossil Dragon Apatosaurus Recipe for X-Potion Tent
B-4 Blue Wisp, Gladilith, Anet, Bomb Monster Effigy Recipe for Mythril Spear
B-3 Sahagin, Abtu, Sea Scorpion, Adamantoise Shark Golden Shield
B-2 Searcher, Dark Wizard, Skuldier Undine Recipe for Mythril Gloves
B-1 Human Trap, Objet d'Art, Toadgre Hunger Lapis x500
C-5 Alraune, Mini Dragon, Soul, Steel Bat Moogle Eater Recipe for Cura Remedy
C-4 Armored Beast, Goblin Guard, Goblin Mage Mahadeva Black Robe
C-3 Green Soul, Floateye, Sergeant, Foot Soldier Greater Mantis Mythril Mace
C-2 Magitek Armor, Golden Eagle, Dark Wizard, Bloody Eye Zu Recipe for Mage's Hat
C-1 Ghost, Goblin, Treant, Wolf Cutpurse x5 Lapis x500
D-5 Bandercoeurl, Sprinter, Aqua Elemental, Balloon Tot Aevis White Robe Smoke Screen
D-4 Sahagin, Abyssal, Werepanther Vulture Ice Rod
D-3 Skeleton, Allosaur, Dive Talon, Black Widow Allosaur x2 Recipe for DEF +10%
D-2 Akhkhazu, Ipooh, Mandragora, Zombie, Damia Killer Mantis Regen Ring
D-1 Zombie, Wolf, Poison Toad, Yellow Jelly Belmodar Lapis x500
S-5 Greater Mantis, Sahagin, Bas-relief, Fossil Dragon, Hunger, Poison Eagle Europa Recipe for Remedy Magicite
S-4 Shadow, Red Elemental, Security Eye, Bomb, Ipooh, Damia, Mammon, Coeurl Abhorrent One Moon Bracer
S-3 Foot Soldier, Magitek Armor, Sergeant, Hill Gigas, Yellow Jelly, Zombie Gorgimera Recipe for Magic Infuse
S-2 Imp, Sorcerer, Mage, Goblin, Wolf, Dive Talon, Aqua Elemental, Headstone, Goblin Guard Moogle Eater Sage's Robe
S-1 Belmodar, Steel Bat, Dire Rat, Ochu, Microchu, Killer Mantis Cactuar x3 Lapis x500
A-5 Skuldier, Dire Lizard, Epimetheus, Abyssal, Searcher, Blue Elemental Wandering One Recipe for Vaccine Healing Spring
A-4 Purusa, Adamantoise, Blue Elemental, Skuldier, Bas-relief Wyrm Brigandine
A-3 Merman, Mercury Bat, Gladilith, Black Widow, Bas-relief, Ice Sculpture, Ghoul Mahadeva Recipe for Biora
A-2 Adamantoise, Balaur, Green Wisp, Skuldier, Skadi, Merman Flamesblade Fairy Ring
A-1 Balloon, Hill Gigas, Poison Eagle, Bone Dragon Wyvern Lapis x400
B-5 Hivesguard, Greater Mantis, Pit Fiend, Bomb, Tyrannosaur, Diresaur Purusa x3 Recipe for Hi-Potion Ether
B-4 Mammon, Damia, Alraune, Diresaur, Bloody Eye Boss Thief, Footpad x4 Ogrekiller
B-3 Cactuar, Red Marshmallow, Red Elemental, Ghost Amoebozoa Mythril Buckler
B-2 Scorpion, Damia, Basilisk, Primevil Antlion Recipe for Barthundara
B-1 Desert Sahagin, Scorpion, Basilisk, Footpad, Xiphactinus, Damia Boss Thief, Footpad x4 Lapis x300
C-5 Treant, Searcher, Bomb, Tyrannosaur Balloon, Bomb x4 Sleep Dagger Hi-Potion
C-4 Bas-relief, Toadgre, Pit Fiend, Greater Mantis, Goblin Guard, Sahagin Abtu x3, Xiphactinus x3 Recipe for Barfira
C-3 Green Wisp, Ghoul, Alraune, Black Widow, Poison Eagle Chimera Werebuster
C-2 Wyvern, Damia, Ipooh, Hornet Chocobo Eater Mage's Habit
C-1 Bomb, Shadow, Red Elemental, Diresaur, Poplium Hell's Rider Lapis x200
D-5 Coeurl, Cutpurse, Mammon, Rukh, Human Trap, Magitek Armor, Security Eye Cutpurse x5 Elixir Potion
D-4 Sergeant, Magitek Armor, Wild Rat, Green Soul, Yellow Jelly, Zombie, Objet d'Art, Wild Nakk, Floateye Flamesblade, Foot Soldier x2 Recipe for Tent
D-3 Wild Nakk, Sergeant, Wild Rat, Objet d'Art, Magitek Armor, Green Soul, Yellow Jelly Shark Earth Key #19
D-2 Wild Rat, Green Soul, Zombie, Yellow Jelly Architeuth ATK +10%
D-1 Killer Mantis, Belmodar, Mini Dragon, Mandragora, Aqua Elemental, Poison Toad Zu Lapis x100

Musical themes[]

The music that plays in the Colosseum screen is "The Imperial Capital", associated with Royal Capital Grandshelt. The battle theme is the usual "DUEL!!", which plays in all encounters including those against the round bosses.



A colosseum or coliseum is a large stadium or theater, used for entertainments, sports, etc. The term is from Medieval Latin, from Colosseum, from neuter of colosseus ("gigantic"), from Ancient Greek κολοσσιαῖος (kolossiaîos), from κολοσσός (kolossós, "giant statue").


  • The Colosseum was one of the game's main features (it was one of the buttons in the sliding menu in the Home screen) along with World, Craft and Espers. However, it was replaced by Arena when the feature was implemented.
  • The ADV difficulty is exclusive to the global version of the game. In the Japanese version, INT was implemented in November 30, 2015 but it was no longer continued.