FFRK wiki icon A Collector's Event is a type of Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Structure Edit

Collector's Events began as similar to Survival Events in that the player was given a single dungeon in which to play, with a choice of difficulty levels. The player could play through each difficulty level as he saw fit, provided he had enough Stamina to fight all the battles within.

Beginning with Doorway to Another Realm, the format was changed to play as most events have, in that the player is given one scenario and multiple dungeons in which to play. Each dungeon comprises three battles set at a specific difficulty, and must be unlocked sequentially to progress up the difficulty scale set for the Event.

Still, in many ways, these Events resemble a regular Dungeon; but in place of defeated enemies simply dropping Gil, they may also drop another form of currency, which varies with the Event.

Collecting event currency Edit

Event currency may be collected as common drops from enemies fought during battle. The amount dropped per enemy is determined by the player's chosen difficulty level, and may also be determined by the type and number of enemies fought. The player must complete a battle within the Dungeon to collect all acquired currency. The player must complete the Dungeon at each difficulty level to receive its Rewards at each level. All collected currency is added to a bag given to the player for the Event.

Rewards Edit

For each difficulty level cleared, the player receives additional currency in the same manner as a regular dungeon would distribute Gil and other Reward items; the same requirements for completion, mastery, and first play still apply. The higher the difficulty, the greater the bonuses.

Shopping Edit

During a Collector's Event, Dr. Mog or one of his crossover allies will open a shop for the player to exchange his currency for exclusive items. However, the shop possesses a limited number of each item offered. For example, player characters and/or Memory Crystals can only be acquired once during the Event, and almost always at prices not payable by completing the easiest difficulty.

Although the Collector's Event dungeon is usually open for the same 10-14 day period as other Event Dungeons, the Event Shop is open for several days after the Event to allow the player to spend his currency and exchange it for desired items.

List of Collector's Events Edit

Global events Edit

Event Realm Notes Region Duration
Japan Global
Countdown to Destruction
FFRK Countdown to Destruction Event
VII The only recruitable character of this event was Aerith. October 21–28, 2014 April 16–30, 2015
The Fire Crystal Awakens
FFRK The Fire Crystal Awakens Event
V The only recruitable character of this event was Lenna. November 19–26, 2014 May 20–30, 2015
Doorway to Another Realm:
The Coil's Light

FFRK Doorway to Another Realm Event
Mobius (Synergy favors Final Fantasy) Mobius Final Fantasy crossover event. Recruitable characters were the Warrior of Light, Garland, Sarah, Echo, and Wol. Echo and Wol Memory Crystals obtained via play, while Garland and Sarah Memory Crystals plus tickets to Hall of Rites purchasable. January 22 - February 29, 2016 September 10–20, 2016
World of Grymoire
FFRK World of Grymoire Event
Beyond World of Final Fantasy crossover event. Recruitable characters were Reynn, Lann, Lightning, Yuna, Faris, and Sarah. All Hall of Rites tickets must be purchased. April 7–17, 2017
Mesmerizing Melodies
FFRK Mesmerizing Melodies Event
Varied BRA★BRA promotion event. Edward and Mog recruitable. April 14–24, 2015 October 26 - November 2, 2017.
Limelit Stage
FFRK Limelit Stage Event
Varied BRA★BRA promotion event. November 21–30, 2017
The Gilded Concert
FFRK The Gilded Concert Event
Varied BRA★BRA promotion event. January 1–10, 2018
Key to Another World
FFRK Key to Another World Banner
KH Kingdom Hearts series crossover event. February 23 - March 9, 2018

Japan-exclusive events Edit

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Event Realm Notes Duration
Evil Gods of Mardias
FFRK Evil Gods of Mardias JP
ES Emperors Saga crossover event. February 19 - March 2, 2015
Maze of Hidden Words
FFRK Maze of Hidden Words JP
WWW Final Fantasy World Wide Words crossover event. May 20–30, 2015
Memoria of the Warriors of Light
FFRK Memoria of the Warriors of Light Event
PFF/FF3 Pictlogica Final Fantasy crossover event. June 24 - July 8, 2015
Memories Resting in Mana
FFRK Memories Resting in Mana JP
RoM Rise of Mana crossover event. August 28 - September 10, 2015
Kingdom of Swords and Magic
FFRK Kingdom of Swords and Magic Event
Logres Logres crossover event. November 27 - December 7, 2015
The Fabled Seven Heroes
FFRK The Fabled Seven Heroes JP
RS2 Romancing SaGa 2 crossover event. May 27 - June 13, 2016

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