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Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend is an anthology release of The Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend II, and Final Fantasy Legend III. These three titles are considered the foundation of the SaGa series of RPGs from Square Enix that began in 1989 as an offshoot of the original Final Fantasy and which was only the second Square series to see international release.

Released on December 15, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, the collection follows the modestly successful Collection of Mana that contained Final Fantasy Adventure.

The anthology was later ported to iOS and Android September 22, 2021, with Windows to follow in October. The mobile version was rumored to feature exclusive content commemorating the SaGa series' 30th anniversary, though no such features are present in the initial release.

Relationship to the original games[]

As contained in the compilation, all three games are wrapped within a customized emulator and appear largely unaltered from their 1990s debuts. However, a splash screen appears before the title screen indicating that some text was changed to reflect changes in cultural norms occurring within the 30 years that followed.

While the virtual "handheld" mirrors the Game Boy on which these titles originated, its buttons are unmarked by any text. Players may choose a left- or right-hand-dominant placement of the controls or customize their own layout at any time. Players can also customize the face of the system with any of several preset plates featuring early key art. Display size and movement speed can also be toggled on-demand. The games themselves appear to have dropped any references to button controls as used on the Game Boy.

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