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My domain exists outside the march of time. It is unseen and unknown, beyond life and death. Until the day the bell of the goddess tolls, this realm welcomes not the living.

Arbiter of Time

The Coliseum is a battle arena in Final Fantasy XIII-2 located in the Void Beyond, and is where those from distant past battle without end until the Day of Reckoning. The Coliseum contains many of the downloadable content battles featured in the game.

The Graviton Cores document that Snow Villiers is trying to find the Coliseum to become stronger, as seen in the DLC scenario, Snow's Story: Perpetual Battlefield. Once the Hope's Message fragment is obtained from New Bodhum 700 AF, a treasure box can be opened to reveal a wealth of high level monster materials.


In a lost corner of the Void Beyond, there is a place where mighty souls gather. It is a testing ground for powerful warriors from every age and every reality, who come to pit their fighting skills against one another. On the Day of Reckoning, it is said these combatants will join the battle to end all battles.

Only one law governs the Coliseum—the weak serve the strong. The one that stands triumphant in this arena commands unswerving loyalty from the rest.


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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments After[]

Snow smuggles the fal'Cie Cactuar onto a Cocoon transport, but the ship is attacked and the two draw the monsters away. They are caught in an incomplete Time Gate and sent to the Coliseum, where Cactuar regains its memories. Again trying to brand Snow, it relents when Snow says it would not make Serah happy. The two get caught in a temporal distortion and witness many events, including Serah's death. Snow requests to be made a l'Cie and Cactuar gives him the Focus to fight alongside Serah during the final battle.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Noel and Serah receive a fragment.

While looking for a way to resolve the paradox that occurs in the Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF, Serah, Mog, and Noel visit the Coliseum in search of a fragment. During their search they encounter the Arbiter of Time, who demands them to leave his domain. After the Arbiter mentions an "omen" corrupting the domain, Noel asks him to give the party the item in return for their retreat. The Arbiter hands over the "omen", which turns out to be the White Hole Gem fragment, and asks them to leave.

Snow battles Serah and Noel.

Snow eventually reaches the Coliseum and engages its occupants in battle. Serah challenges Snow to show him how much she has matured on her journey with Noel. Afterwards, Noel and Serah see a dark force surround Snow, binding him to the Coliseum. As Noel asks Snow if he got on anyone's bad side since he left the Sunleth Waterscape, Serah catches a glimpse of a figure resembling Yeul enveloped in chaos. Bound to the Coliseum, Snow is forced to stay with its occupants until he can be freed.

When the realms merge to form Nova Chrysalia, Snow was freed from the Coliseum, which itself was most likely consumed by chaos.

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Coliseum map.

The Coliseum is the smallest area in the game; the slightly larger area is Serendipity. It is a circular area with a staircase leading to a Time Gate. The area seems to be located in a spherical object.


The coliseum itself is a large round arena with ornately designed glass flooring with hands like a clock that persistently rotate around its circumference. There appears to be a bright star system directly underneath the platform, and it seems capable of creating synthetic weather effects as seen during certain battles.


Year Unknown[]

Item Location Requirements
Map of Coliseum Near Gate Moogle Hunt
Power Bolt x8 Northeast Moogle Throw
Power Droplet x9 North Moogle Throw
Power Sliver x7 North Northwest Moogle Throw
Power Chip x6 Northwest Moogle Throw
Potent Chip x10 Southwest Moogle Throw

??? AF[]

Item Location Requirements
Vitality Crystal x5, Power Crystal x5, Mana Crystal x5, Vitality Generator x5, Power Generator x5, Mana Generator x5 Near Gate Hope's Message

Coliseum matches[]

Coliseum challenge list menu.

Enemies can be fought in Coliseum after downloading the content from either PlayStation Network or Xbox Games Store. The Steam version already has all the content that was DLC for the console versions. All fights that have been downloaded are accessed from the version of the Coliseum at the far left of the Historia Crux by talking to the Arbiter of Time.

Bringer of the End[]

A relic, long forgotten by the children of man.
A weapon so dreadful it was sealed away—banished to another realm entirely.
Omega. A fitting name for this machine and the utter devastation it wrought.
Only after the end of a civilization, did this engine of destruction grow silent.
But now, the weapon stirs from its dormant state.
And this time it will not cease its terrible rampage.
Not until the full breadth of existence is shattered...
This nightmare machine leave naught but ruin in its wake. Will you be the ones to dismantle it?

Arbiter of Time's introduction.

Operation XIII-2[]

And so, this time is upon us.
From far horizons has this warrior come.
You face the knight of thunder's strike.
She whom I have summoned is an imitation bereft of spirit.
And yet, her heart is no less proud.
Her sword arm no less swift.
A victory against this lady will be no less the sweet.
Sisters, older and younger. Lies and truth. Dream and reality.
A clash of resolute wills—a momentous battle.
Steel your hearts and fight!

Arbiter of Time's introduction.

A Study in Elegant Death[]

The trial you have chosen belongs to the unfortunate deceased.
Though possessed of champion's caliber, the fickle path of time steered them to an early grave.
But history may have sung a different song. If the blessings of the goddess were ungiven...
...perhaps those closest to you could have washed up here, their dreams broken and beaten.
Arise, my ruthless officer! You who devoted all to the ideal of destruction.
In this place of vengeance, may you win your moment of glory!

Arbiter of Time's introduction.

Uninvited Invertebrate[]

You have chosen to rid me of Ultros? For that, I am grateful.
From a dark abyss he rose, the spiteful sprite.
And not by me was he summoned...
A troublesome guest, uninvited and unwanted.
Sliced, baked, or boiled, I care not how he meets his end.
But you must remain wary!

Ultros is honorless—a despicable sort. None can divine his true intent.
Lower your guard, and soon you will find your neck crushed tight in his tentacled grip.

Arbiter of Time's introduction.

Clash On The Big Bridge[]

Your next opponent is a warrior, both fearless and fierce!
He wanders the Void in search of the ultimate arms of weapon.
Brash is he, and reckless; though emotional and mercurial.
His single-minded stubborn—er, 'stoicism' is the stuff of legend!
For centuries has this soldier roamed the beyond.
Now, finally, his obsession for weapons has led him to this field of battle.
Not a man nor beast shall stand in the way for his unrelenting quest for vengeance.
I give you...the mighty Gilgamesh!

Arbiter of Time's introduction.

Take Me to Your Leader[]

Your next conquest hails from a distant corner of the heavens.
In search of their homeland, these visitors have drifted through a sea of stars, until finally they were claimed by the Void.
Do they come in peace or spoil for war?
No matter, a single battle will decide who is weak, and who is strong. Such is the law of Valhalla.
Will you destroy them and their ship entire? Or will you extend your hand in friendship, when the battle is done?
Their fate is yours to decide!

Arbiter of Time's introduction.

The One You Love[]

Hmm. You wish to challenge the one you love most?
You seek to test how strong your trials have made you?
Do not be overconfident. Your opponent, too, has seen his share of momentous battle.
And once again he bears the power of a brand. Only death waits at that journey's end.
Give no quarter. Any such sacrilege on the grounds of this hallowed arena will not escape my notice.
Let this be a struggle for life, for death, for your very existence!

Arbiter of Time's introduction.

No Mercy for the Judged[]

The price for your pride shall be unending. Such arrogance is your undoing.
Prepare to face time's judgement. In the name of the goddess, I smite you!

Arbiter of Time's introduction.

Musical themes[]

"Oracle Drive" plays when Serah, Noel, and Mog first enter the Coliseum; it is the 15th track on the 2nd disc of the original soundtrack. For the Coliseum version that handles the downloadable content fights, the unnamed track from the game's original soundtrack plays; it is 21st track on the fourth disc.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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A colosseum or coliseum is a large stadium or theater, used for entertainments, sports, etc. The term is from Medieval Latin, from Colosseum, from neuter of colosseus ("gigantic"), from Ancient Greek κολοσσιαῖος (kolossiaîos), from κολοσσός (kolossós, "giant statue").