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Coliseum (闘技場, Tōgība?) is a battle arena in Final Fantasy Dimensions. The Warriors of Light can first access it during Chapter 3, but the area is closed. In Chapter 4, the party can make full use of it and win various prizes by beating three consecutive battles.


The entrance fee to the arena is 1000 Gil. The party has to fight three battles in a row. Below is the list of possible enemies the party can encounter.

First and Second Battle Third Battle
Goblin Prince x4
Ipooh x2
Brummbar x2, High Magus
Ogre King x3
Vice x4
Zaghrem x2, Satellite
High Magus x2
Mirror Mage, Ice Knight, Flame Knight



A colosseum or coliseum is a large stadium or theater, used for entertainments, sports, etc. The term is from Medieval Latin, from Colosseum, from neuter of colosseus ("gigantic"), from Ancient Greek κολοσσιαῖος (kolossiaîos), from κολοσσός (kolossós, "giant statue").

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