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Colibri were once found on the Quon continent, though they have more recently been located only in the Near East. Their oversized, toucan-like beaks and abnormally large wings are balanced out by an equally long tail—which seems necessary for the bird to maintain its balance, given its otherwise top-heavy appearance.

Colibri, a relative of the hummingbird, are able to hover in much the same manner. This process, however, requires the bird to continuously flap its wings, thereby causing it to expend significant energy. In order to maintain such movement, the Colibri need a high-caloric diet, which is maintained by stealing the food from adventurers. Their large beak has evolved specifically with this goal in mind. Similarly, the large wings and rapid movement of the Colibri have been known to disorient any attackers, resetting any built up Tactical Points.

Colibri drop copious beaks and feathers when defeated. The beaks are used in a number of different recipes, and can be strung together to form a necklace. The feathers are used less often, but can be combined with the beak to form a dart that is prevalent in the Near East.

Special abilities Edit

  • Feather Tickle: Single target TP reset.
  • Magic Parroting: Mimics offensive White Magic, Black Magic, Songs, and Ninjutsu spells.
  • Pecking Flurry: Fourfold single target attack.
  • Snatch Morsel: Removes Food effects from target.
  • Wisecrack: Charms players in an area of effect. Only used by certain Notorious Monsters.

Gallery Edit

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