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Colbernoux is a non-player character from the Final Fantasy XIV. He was the former goldsmith guildmaster's son and the brother of Niellefresne Thaudour.


Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

Once the adventurer joins the Goldsmiths' Guild, Colbernoux taught him the tradition of jewelery to design and name beautiful pieces of jewelry with the name of the most beautiful and influential ladies in Ul'dah's illustrious history. Colbernoux is satisfied with the brooch that the adventurer made inspired by Z'ssapa and, Colbernoux says he will deliver the brooch to her as soon as they are reunited.[1]

Colbernoux travels to Gridania in search of a unique flower to make a new brooch known as "F'lhaminn's Flower" and asks the adventurer for help in collecting the described items. Once it was done, Colbernoux asked the adventurer to deliver the F'lhaminn's Flower he has repaired to F'lhaminn herself in his stead. Upon giving the requested brooch to F'lhaminn, she is dominated by the memories of Colbernoux and her older brother, Niellefresne. Through Echo it is revealed that Colbernoux created the F'lhaminn's Flower using a pattern originally designed by his late brother, Niellefrense. He sought to bring the brooch to the world as his brother intended, but has brown to regret doing so, having lost its true significance in the doing.[2]

Later, Colbernoux acquired that the adventurer found he at Erralig's Burial Chamber within Arrzaneth Ossuary. Colbernoux shows the magically preserved corpse of his older brother, Niellefresne and a revelation that the Heartstrike blade is capable of restoring life to the dead and for this reason it has been so well kept over the years. Colbernoux says that ten years ago Niellefresne ran away with the Heartstrike and brought it to the Erralig's Burial Chamber, where he was attacked and murdered. It was then that the sleeping powers in Heartstrike formulated to pulse and since then Niellefresne's body has never deteriorated. Colbernoux says that his only wish was to send a soul from his brother to the kingdom of Thal, where he can find peace. However, he doesn't know how.[3]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Serendipity introduce Colbernoux to the Warrior of Light. Colbernoux has agreed to share with the Warrior of Light his wisdom regarding the music boxes. Colbernoux says that the material─hardsilver─from which Warrior of Light intend to fashion the teeth of your music box is the same that he used to create his greatest masterpiece so many years ago.[4]

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Colbernoux says farewell to his brother.

With the help of Severian Lyctor, the Warrior of Light destroys the remaining enchantments on Heartstrike, allowing Nielle's soul to depart, and giving F'lhaminn and her friends the chance to say their farewells. Although Colbernoux does not interfere, he witnesses the scene from afar and finally says farewell to his brother.[5]




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