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Coincidental Fate was an event in King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-.

Scenario[edit | edit source]

At just eleven years of age, young Brigitte has a severe crush on Ray Jack; and from this, she aspires to become a swordmaiden in his image. She makes for the capital city to meet her idol. As she sets out, Brigitte runs into a strange portly fellow and a peculiar dark knight. Fiends have surfaced in the area. Impatient to a fault, Brigitte hands her first victims a sound thrashing--with her fists! Still, many are concerned for her. There could be more to this fiery young soul than meets the eye.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Quests for this event were tailor-made for Fire-aspected units, even providing one at the start. Narrow corridors and rolling stones abound throughout each, so the player needed to destroy them or get out of the way as s/he collected Snakeskins to power Brigitte and her Crimson Bracers. Brigitte herself is both powerful and lithe, and has solid AoE KM which will serve her well against foes of Wind.

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