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Coin is a command ability in Final Fantasy VII granted by the Throw Materia or Master Command. It allows the player to throw gil to damage all enemies.


Command Materia Throw, Master Command
Effect Open sub-menu to select Gil amount. Inflict damage based on Gil amount on all enemies. Damage based on a tenth of Gil spent, divided equally among enemies. Long range.
Compatible Support Materia Added Cut, Counter, Final Attack, HP Absorb, MP Absorb, Sneak Attack, Steal as well


Coin allows the player to select an amount of gil to throw at enemies. It is on the same slot as Throw, and the slot alternates between the two abilities, allowing the player to select the one they want when it shows. The damage dealt to all enemies is based on a tenth of the gil that was spent, divided up by the amount of enemies, as in the following formula:

The formula for the damage of Coin is as follows:

If no gil value is chosen (when used as a Sneak Attack or similar, for example), the amount thrown will use the following:

If (HighHP > 10000): HighHP = 10000

If the amount of gil thrown is more than what the party has, the damage will be capped at the full amount of gil the party possesses.[1]

Coin can become more useful later in the game when the player has a large amount of gil to spare. Coin can be used via the Master Command Materia.