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To the frozen wastes of the western highlands, once verdant tracts made pallid by the Calamity...

Beyond the towering wall of ice, to lands long forsaken that the knights of Ishgard strove tirelessly to reclaim...

To the hamlet of Falcon's Nest, once abandoned, now free from its pall of snow and ash, [he/she] (gender) came...

The Coerthas Western Highlands is a location in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.

Although present in version 1.0, this area was omitted in A Realm Reborn and did not reappear until Heavensward. Flight is possible in this zone once full aetherial attunement is acquired.


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The Coerthas Western Highlands lies beyond the glacier at Snowcloak, and thus is normally only accessed by flight from the Holy See of Ishgard. A path leading to the Dravanian Forelands lies in the northeast. Zone connections also exist to the Dravanian Hinterlands in the south and the Sea of Clouds in the north, provided full aetherial attunement was acquired in those zones. Access to Ishgard is possible at the sky docks in Falcon's Nest.


The only Aetheryte is located at Falcon's Nest.


The Coerthas Western Highlands contains the following areas:

  • Riversmeet - The eastern half of the highlands, surrounded by steeps cliffs.
  • Twinpools - A glacial valley in the northwest, so named for the frozen bodies of water known as Ashpool and Banepool.
  • Red Rim - A large circular ridge in the southwest which overlooks the highlands.


Falcon's Nest[]

Formerly a garrison of knights and falconers, it was originally abandoned when the snows came following the Calamity. Since then, House Durendaire and House Dzemael have been trying to rebuild the settlement into a fort as part of the effort to reclaim the western highlands.


A camp in the Twinpools, inhabited by vagabonds, scoundrels, and lowborn seeking glory in the hopes of earning prestige among the High Houses of Ishgard.

Gorgagne Holding[]

Gorgagne Holding

A farmstead north of Camp Riversmeet. Though its previous occupants abandoned it due to the winter, it has since been claimed by many of the heretics in the Western Highlands as a base.


A town once occupied by woodcutters. The freezing since the Calamity has left it a ghost town.


The Coerthas Western Highlands' climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency
Snow Snow 40%
Blizzards Blizzards 20%
Clouds Clouds 15%
Fair Skies Fair Skies 10%
Fog Fog 10%
Clear Skies Clear Skies 5%

Places of Interest[]

Camp Riversmeet[]

This former Aetheryte Camp was abandoned when the cold set in and the Aetheryte became encased in ice. Now only wolves prowl the grounds.

Black Iron Bridge[]

An immense black bridge crossing the (now frozen) river. Though frosted, the bridge itself is still intact and serviceable.

The Dreaming Dragon[]

Situated in the now frozen Ashpool, this structure is said to have once been a living dragon now petrified.

Dusk Vigil[]

One of the four vigils surrounding the Holy See, it was cut off when extremely cold weather gripped the region.

Bed of Bones[]

A den of yeti that lurk in the Red Rim.

The North Star[]

A merchant vessel that ran aground when the area suddenly froze over after the Calamity. There were no survivors.



The Dusk Vigil.

The Dusk Vigil The Dusk Vigil
Level 51
Item Level 100
Dusk Vigil (x20 y7)

In the days following the Calamity, western Coerthas was abandoned by the knights of Ishgard, save for the Dusk Vigil, whose defenders refused to withdraw. Since then, the fortress has only fallen further into disrepair, and her garrison has long since been presumed dead.

Unlike most Ishgardians, who would sooner put the tragic episode behind them, Father Wealdtheow would have you enter the forsaken fortress and reclaim a priceless treasure: an ice rondel set in the helm of a sculpture within the Vigil's chapel. A simple request, perhaps, but if experience has taught you anything, such tasks are anything but...


Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Battle FATE. Eye in the Sky 50-54 Riversmeet (x28 y30) 15 minutes Defeat the deepeyes.
Many of the knights stationed in the Coerthas western highlands to watch the skies for Horde activity complain of a constant feeling of being watched giant furry eyes nonetheless. Search the area for the peeping prowlers and provide them with a slightly more permanent form of “shut-eye.”
Battle FATE. A Dung Deal 50-54 Riversmeet (x31 y31) 15 minutes Defeat the steinbocks.
A noblewoman who recently visited the Pike and Anvil lodged a formal complaint with the Falcon's Nest garrison commander, threatening to strip him of his land and titles after stepping in a rather ripe pile of dung left by the steinbocks which graze in the area. The message is clear─either the beasts go, or he goes.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the garrison knight.
Battle FATE. Land of the Freeze 50-54 Riversmeet (x25 y22) 15 minutes Defeat the ice sprites.
Ice sprites blown off the windswept Gorgagne Holding and into Camp Riversmeet are freezing all the outpost's drinking water. Slay the spirits and ensure thirsts stay slaked.
Battle FATE. Dawn of the Mylodons 50-54 Riversmeet (x31 y20) 15 minutes Defeat the upland mylodons.
Upland mylodons have lumbered their way atop the Black Iron Bridge to bathe in the short winter sun, and refuse to budge, impeding the progress of supply wains going to and from Falcon's Nest. Drive the beasts back so that the deliveries might recommence.
Boss FATE. Don of the Mylodons 50-54 Riversmeet (x31 y20) 15 minutes Defeat Peluda.
Displeased by their violent displacement from the sunbaked stones of the Black Iron Bridge, the upland mylodons have lumbered back, this time accompanied by their great elder, Peluda.

Spawn conditions:

Boss FATE. Apparent Trap 50-54 Riversmeet (x27 y13) 15 minutes Defeat the yetitrap.
While the name “yetitrap” implies that the seedkin is physically capable of actually trapping a full-grown yeti, it is highly unlikely that even a Lalafell's forearm would fit in the plant's mouth. That does not mean, however, that they should be left to roam free nipping at Lalafellin limbs.
Battle FATE. Follow the Sleet 50-54 Riversmeet (x34 y14) 15 minutes Defeat the sleet traps.
The endless winter brought by the Calamity has rendered the once lush Gorgagne Holding a frozen wasteland where naught but man-eating sleet traps thrive. But, as the saying goes, an empty wasteland is better than one teeming with deadly seedkin, so take up your swords and slice away.
Boss FATE. What You See Is What You Get 50-54 Riversmeet (x30 y28) 15 minutes Defeat the Beholder.
It is said that when gazing into the eye of the Beholder, a man can see his deepest desires─those desires usually involving escape from the iron grip of the Beholder's wicked claws.
Battle FATE. Panic Rheum 50-54 Riversmeet (x26 y17) 15 minutes Defeat the white gelati and rheums.
A voidsent by any other name would still be as unsweet as the deceptively sweet-sounding gelato. Case in point, the rheum (though its name is not very sweet-sounding to begin with). In addition to not being very sweet, both are also very deadly, and if the first is not reason enough to cull their numbers, the second definitely is.
Boss FATE. Sugar, Sugar 50-54 Riversmeet (x26 y17) 15 minutes Defeat Tartufo and the White Truffle.
One can tell how well fed an area's residents are by listening to the names given to everyday creatures─playful monikers such as Tartufo and White Truffle suggesting that starvation-induced delirium is causing everything to resemble food. Unable to fight on empty stomachs, the people of Coerthas seek a better-nourished hero to save them.

Spawn conditions:

Battle FATE. Run, Riders, Run 50-54 Riversmeet (x31 y34) 15 minutes Defeat the silver wolves.
Outriders belonging to House Durendaire have been spotted fleeing from a pack of silver wolves which, despite losing over half of its number to the knights' steel, remains in pursuit, knowing the knights cannot run forever. Hurry to the outriders' aid before their legs fail them.
Boss FATE. One Whiskey, One Goat, One Spear 50-54 Riversmeet (x27 y26) 15 minutes Defeat Heidrun.
After stumbling upon a barrel of whiskey stored outside one of the Convictors' tents, Heidrun became one of the happiest mountain goats in Coerthas. Once the whiskey had disappeared, however, he transformed into one of the angriest, destroying large stocks of supplies in a futile search for another sip.
Boss FATE. No Ifs, Ands, or Butts 50-54 Riversmeet (x31 y32) 15 minutes Defeat Alaimbert of the Spiked Butt.
Newly knighted Alaimbert of the Spiked Butt cannot understand why people are always laughing behind his back, so to prove he is worthy of their respect, he seeks a battle-hardened opponent with whom he may cross steel.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Convictor knight.
Battle FATE. Null and Void 50-54 Riversmeet (x31 y32) 15 minutes Defeat the bergthurs.
Summoned eons ago and then forgotten, bergthurs are voidsent trapped in a realm not their own, determined to tear their way back to the void even if it means destroying this world in the process.

Spawn conditions:

Boss FATE. We Fought a Dzu 51-55 The Bed of Bones (x20 y33) 15 minutes Defeat Dzu-Teh.
Numerous are the legends that tell of Dzu-Teh─a yeti as tall as the Craving Tree and as fast as the Swiftrun River. With a temper as hot as the waters of Dragonspit and a heart as cold as rime-locked Ashpool. With hair as white as the flour once ground at Gorgagne Mills and... In other words, he must needs be slain.
Battle FATE. True Convictions 51-55 Twinpools (x19 y21) 15 minutes Defeat the archaeornis.
Ever yammering about how they seek the glory one might obtain by slaying a dragon, the moment a few archaeornis descend on their camp, the Convictors turn pleading eyes to nearby adventurers, seeking assistance in escaping the day with their lives...and to a lesser extent, their dignities.
Battle FATE. The Polar Express 51-55 Twinpools (x15 y20) 15 minutes Defeat the polar bears.
Food is scarce in the snow-covered north, so when Ishgardian knights bring in large quantities of rations to outfit their camps, it is only a matter of time before all manner of hungry creatures descend from the mountains looking for a bite. Drive away the beasts to keep the knights' bellies full.
Battle FATE. Abominable Me 51-55 Dragonspit (x8 y10) 15 minutes Defeat the lone yetis.
On especially cold nights, yetis from the Slate Mountains will journey down to Dragonspit to find warmth in the thermal pools. On their way back, they will oft raid nearby farms, stealing livestock and the occasional child, whom they keep alive until back in their dens so they may drink the blood hot.
Battle FATE. Requiem for a Dragon 51-55 Twinpools (x13 y19) 15 minutes Defeat the polars bears and wooly yaks.
Ever since its exposure following the Calamity, the ice encasing the Dreaming Dragon of Ashpool has been slowly melting, releasing into the nearby air the fetid stench of rotting dragon flesh─a stench that is now driving local fauna into a frenzy. Slay the slavering wooly yaks and polar bears drawn to the dragon before they set their sights on you.
Battle FATE. Sick Pack 51-55 Twinpools (x12 y10) 15 minutes Defeat the silver wolves.
When the climate in the highlands changed, once fiercely independent wolf packs began doing the unthinkable─combining, forming super packs so as to increase chances of survival in their new harsh environment. These super packs now pose a serious threat to the knights stationed in the area, and assistance is sought in controlling their numbers.
Battle FATE. In Command 51-55 Twinpools (x16 y13) 15 minutes Defeat the ice commanders.
If anything is worse than being maimed by an ice commander, it is being buried alive in an avalanche caused by an ice commander and wishing in the final moments before suffocation that you had instead been maimed by an ice commander. Rid the area of ice commanders, and alleviate the need to worry about either.
Battle FATE. Unsilent Vigil 51-55 Twinpools (x19 y15) 15 minutes Defeat the archaeornis.
Several archaeornis have flown over Lancegate and begun gathering near the Dusk Vigil. Fearing an attack by the Dravanian Horde near, the knights in the area have put a call out to adventurers requesting assistance in dispersing the flock.
Boss FATE. Pico de Gallows 51-55 Twinpools (x19 y15) 15 minutes Defeat Picolaton.
While swift adventurer action has left the archaeornis flock in a state of disarray, the effort may have come too late, as scouts now report the arrival of Picolaton─a terrifying creature known to lay waste to entire companies of knights without suffering more than a few ruffled feathers.

Spawn conditions:

Boss FATE. Dishonored 51-55 Twinpools (x17 y22) 15 minutes Defeat Werner the Cowardly.
Ser Werner and Ser Beaudonet of the Convictors have come to an impasse regarding who dealt the killing blow to a dragon (pup) that wandered into their camp (with a broken leg). Unwilling to even agree to disagree, Ser Werner has dishonored the Convictors and must be punished.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with Beaudonet the Blunt.
Battle FATE. Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia 56-60 Red Rim (x22 y27) 15 minutes Defeat the sorbets and ice sprites.
The change in climate experienced by Coerthas after the fall of Dalamud has done more than freeze rivers and prevent the growth of foliage─it has made the region more hospitable for a myriad of terrible creatures normally only found dwelling atop the highest of mountains─creatures that have proven naught but headaches for the residents of the western highlands.
Boss FATE. A Stihi Situation 56-60 Red Rim (x13 y23) 15 minutes Defeat Stihi.
There are very few dragons the Convictors do not dream of slaying─the cold and calculating Stihi being no exception. The knights, however, while skilled at dreaming, have been less than successful at actually subduing the creature...

Temple Leves[]



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Musical themes[]

"Against the Wind" plays during the daytime, while "Black and White" plays at night. "Shelter" plays in Falcon's Nest and at the Convictory.

"Melt" plays during all standard enemy encounters in the Coerthas Western Highlands.