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The Coelacanth is a boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.

Stats Edit

Rela Cyel

Rela Cyel Past

Battle Edit

The Coelacanth spends most of its time diving underwater, making it difficult to attack. Its blue breath attack is able to deal three consecutive hits, deal Stun status and flip enemies over. It also drops a platform in hopes of drowning characters (dealing 15 to 25 HP of damage). It fires a crimson ray that is swift, inflicts Stun, and very devastating at this point (often dealing 63 HP of damage). It fires three bubbles capable of reaching under platforms and stun enemies if it pops under or over them three times.

The Coelacanth may also inhale air to drag characters into the tank or swipe its head to smack away attackers. The Coelacanth also appears in Rela Cyel Past retaining several attacks though less aggressive and a lot easier. A yellow magicite switch lies in the northwest corner of the tank. Dropping a Thunder magicite will cause the water level to recede rendering most of its attacks useless.

During this time, it resorts to using a new attack: First it builds up electric energy (touching it will not shock at this time) then it discharges it to deal Thunder damage and paralysis. As long as players stay on the platform when the attack is released and the water level rises, there should be little to no damage taken on this encounter.

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Etymology Edit

Coelacanths are members of an order of fish that includes the oldest known living lineage of Sarcopterygii (lobe-finned fish and tetrapods).

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