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The player is given a choice to do a Code Crimson mission.

You see, there are any number of unpleasant jobs in this world that are necessary to our progress as a nation. Some might criticize this work as 'immoral' or 'dirty,' but someone has to do it, darling. And that's why I've come to you. I trust you twelve implicitly—and I'm sure that you would be more than willing to do a favor to your dear mother, no? Of course, you are not obligated to undertake these covert operations. The choice is yours whether you join the 'official' sortie or assist Intel. I trust you darlings will make the right decision. Now go out there and make your mother proud.

Code Crimson is a mission classification in Final Fantasy Type-0 unlocked in a New Game Plus playthrough. When playing through the main story, Code Crimson missions can be substituted for the last mission of each chapter. Code Crimson missions are never regional dominance missions. When the player gets near the site of the mission, or talks to the person starting it, they will be provided a choice whether to do the original mission or an alternate one: the Code Crimson mission.

In Chapter 2, when meeting Arecia outside Classroom Zero, she explains these covert operations are handled by Akademeia's own Intel Section Four.

On all playthroughs, the Vermilion Bird Crystal's offer to become a l'Cie is presented in the same manner as Code Crimson missions. Accepting the offer leads to an unwinnable battle with endless Rursus and thus directly to the bad ending.

List of missionsEdit

Mission Data Obtained
Operation Breakthrough
(Ven. XXII (April 22))
Level: 34
Participants: 14
Chapter 2
A Fog-Laden Foray
(Gla. XXV (June 25))
Level: 37
Participants: 14
Chapter 3
Mission Under Ceasefire
(Gla. XXVIII (June 28))
Level: 38
Participants: 6
Chapter 4
Operation Vulturnus
(Tem. XVII (August 17))
Level: 42
Participants: 14
Chapter 5
The Last Line of Defense
(Tem. XVII (August 17))
Level: 43
Participants: 13
Chapter 6
Machina's Struggle
(Cae. VI (December 6))
Level: 36
Participants: set (Machina)
Chapter 7
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