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Cocobezi is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is the third of the six brothers—Cocobuki, Cocobygo, Cocobani, Cocoboha, and Cocobusi. With the exception of the youngest, all the brothers share the position serving as Guildmaster of the Thaumaturges' Guild in Arrzaneth Ossuary.


The day after the Battle of Carteneau, Cocobezi and his brothers formed a posse with Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo to restore order to Ul'dah in the immediate aftermath. After the previous guildmaster, Mumuepo, was arrested on charges of embezzlement, the thaumaturge brothers became joint Guildmaster of the Thaumaturges' Guild.[1][2]

Once the Warrior of Light joins the Thaumaturges' Guild, Cocobezi teaches him with lessons taken from “The Threat of Superiority,” the third chapter from Zozomaya's lauded guide Thaumaturgy: The Yawning Abyss. The passage draws attention to an important tactic: a wise thaumaturge does not engage in battle against opponents he cannot defeat. To train this, Cocobezi sends the Warrior of Light on a trial consisting of tracking down the Alacran thieves and destroying the stolen cursed artifact known as the Mormo's urn.

After discovering that the Mageslayer is actually Cocobusi possessed, Cocobuki studies the Book of Mormo in hopes of finding a method of reversing this. After locating Mormo, Cocobuki offers to have his aetheric energy drained so that the voidsent can get a physical form and leave Cocobusi's body. Once this is done, the Warrior of Light and the other brothers fight and defeat the succubus.



As with his fellow brothers, Cocobezi wears a red-and-black Woolen Cowl with Darklight armor and has red tattoos on his face.


Of the four younger guildmasters, Cocobezi is the wisest and most reserved, though he is known to use crying as a form of defense. He and his brothers care deeply for Cocobusi.


Cocobezi the Contemplative is an allied NPC during a special instance in the level 30 Thaumaturge quest Facing Your Demons Facing Your Demons.