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Cockatrice is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV found in the Vesperpool region in Cleigne as a regular enemy, and in Duscae during The Rogues of Rydielle Ley hunt.

A Lv.23 cockatrice fights in Cleigne Crossroads and All-Star Monster Mayhem in Totomostro under the team name Dandy Roosters.

Their Cockatrice Crest appendage break item yields the Expericast effect when used for elemancy.


A flightless adult chickatrice found around the Vesperpool. He displays a belligerent nature and—after forming a flock with his mate and chicks—becomes extremely territorial, attacking en masse anyone who dares venture near his family.
Size: 33.26 ft. Weight: 5.75 t
A tougher variant of the cockatrice. Though normally a very mild-mannered species, this fowl's attitude goes foul when mating season approaches, growing increasingly aggressive and territorial.
Size: 33.36 ft. Weight: 5.78 t


The Rogues of Rydielle LeyCoernix Station - Alstor4
Red Hunt Icon.png
Cockatrice x3Rydielle Ley (Daytime)355,880 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★





Cockatrices usually appear with their young. They pummel the party by swinging their long tail feathers in an arc and spew liquid to a target in front of them to poison them. They flap at the party to attack with their talons. The attack where they take flight to jump onto the player can be blocked and parried, as can be their pecking attack. Parrying well can put the cockatrice in vulnerable state where they will flap on the ground, unable to attack for a time. They are weak to fire, greatswords and machinery and strong against ice and light.


Fire magic works well (less well if it is raining, a common occurrence at the Vesperpool). During the hunt, the player can point-warp on a nearby rock and cast magic from there, away from the mayhem of battle. Ignis can imbue Noctis's weapon with the fire element with the Enhancement Technique and the player can also character-swap to Ignis and use his fire dagger attacks.

Cockatrice Crest farming[]

The hunt for the cockatrices (accepted from the Crow's Nest Diner at Coernix Station - Alstor) can be used to repeatedly fight cockatrices to farm their crests. The player can lock onto their heads and use weapons good for appendage breaking or simply warp-strike from a distance.



The Cockatrice is a creature from mythology. It is similar to the basilisk in appearance and ability, but also possesses flight. A cockatrice is born from an egg hatched by a rooster and incubated by a toad, and its gaze causes instant petrification.

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