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Cluster 1 (FFXI)

Cluster is a genus in the Arcana family introduced in Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia. They are actually composed of three small Bombs. They float above the ground and are able to inflict damage without employing their last-ditch self-destruct command. They can employ their self-destruct command up to three times.

Regular enemies Edit

  • Atomic Cluster
  • Cluster
  • Nitro Cluster
  • Sweeping Cluster
  • Dynamo Cluster
  • Nightmare Cluster

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Ancient Bombs
  • Bombshells
  • Flames of Muspelheim
  • Incendiary Bombs
  • Nightmare Cluster
  • Odqan
  • Razon
  • Unstable Cluster
  • Yal-un Eke

Special attacks Edit

  • Circle of Flames: 10' AoE damage and Weight.
  • Formation Attack: Single target damage.
  • Refueling: Self Haste.
  • Self-Destruct: 10' AoE Fire damage. Each of the bombs in the cluster can use this separately. If used while the cluster is over 20% health, only one bomb will detonate. If under 20%, there is a chance all remaining bombs will detonate simultaneously.
  • Sling Bomb: Single target damage.


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