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A being of destruction, hailing from another world where tales are passed down of the Crystals and Warriors of Light. It lives in the hope of returning all the world to nothingness, and is said to appear when the balance between light and dark is upset. When an ancient civilization, far advanced for their time, exhausted the power of the light, the Cloud of Darkness came forth from the great flood of light as it ran amok. It attempted to fulfill its goal of returning the world to nothingness, but the Warriors of Light and the Warriors of Dark, both chosen by the Crystals, defeated it and returned the world to stability.

Cloud of Darkness (3★) description

Cloud of Darkness is a summonable vision and optional playable character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She serves as a character representative from Final Fantasy III.


Cloud of Darkness is a 3-6★ Rare Summon, whose job is listed as Ravager, and whose roles in battle are Physical Damage and Support. She originally could awaken only up to 5★, but received a new form for the Final Fantasy III event The Crystal Tower. She has innate resistance to all status ailments (+10% until 5★, +30% at 6★), and all elements (+50%). Her Trust Master reward is the passive ability Auto-Limit, which increase the equipped unit's Limit gauge by 1 each turn.

Unlike the great majority of units, she is classified as other than Human: Cloud of Darkness is a Reaper, and as such she is vulnerable to Raise-type abilities at the Arena, resulting in an instant KO. In the party, however, she will not take any damage for healing magic and can be revived. Furthermore, while in her original game she is stated to be genderless, here she is classified as a female. As such, she is able to equip female-only equipment and may trigger another unit's Chivalry skill, through which a unit has a chance to protect female units from damage.

Her awakening materials are the following:


Cloud of Darkness' stats at her highest levels are as follows (with no passive abilities taken into account), along with the maximum amount of stat points that can be increased through pot-enhancements:

Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Drop Check*(Maximum burst stone drops per hit)
3★ 40 1596 (+150) 70 (+25) 71 (+14) 63 (+10) 55 (+10) 48 (+10) 6 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
4★ 60 2059 (+210) 90 (+35) 92 (+18) 82 (+14) 71 (+14) 61 (+14) 8 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
5★ 80 2574 (+240) 113 (+40) 115 (+24) 102 (+16) 89 (+16) 77 (+16) 10 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
6★ 100 3346 (+390) 146 (+65) 149 (+34) 132 (+26) 115 (+26) 100 (+26) 12 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png


Cloud of Darkness has no ability slots until 6★, in which she gains four slots. She has affinity to both Black (Lvl 4-8) and Green Magic (Lvl 4-7).

Rarity 3★
Trait Lv. Learned
Blind Green Magic 7
Protect Green Magic 19
Thundara Black Magic 35
Rarity 4★
Trait Lv. Learned
Armor Break 14
ATK +20%*(Passive) 37
Man-Eater 60
Rarity 5★
Trait Lv. Learned
Protectga Green Magic 36
Thundaga Black Magic 58
Barrage 80
Rarity 6★
Trait Lv. Learned
Man-Eater+*(Passive) 1
HP +20%*(Passive) 24
Aura Ball 38
Omni-Veil 44
Return 70
ATK +30%*(Passive) 90
Call of the Void 100
Ability Awakening

Cloud of Darkness has three traits that can be enhanced: Barrage, Man-Eater+, and Omni-Veil.

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Limit Burst

Cloud of Darkness's Limit Burst receives three different names, depending on her rarity: Wave Cannon (はどうほう, Hadō Hō?), Particle Beam (超はどうほう, Chō Hadō Hō?, lit. Ultra Wave Cannon), and Perfect Void (完全なる無, Kanzen Naru Mu?, lit. Nothingness Becoming Perfect). A damage-type ability, it is a 1-hit attack that deals physical damage to all enemies. In its 6★ iteration, it has the added effect of inflict them with Blind, which will last for three turns.

Its damage modifier and the chance of inflicting them with Blind will depend on Cloud of Darkness's LB level:

Rarity Name Change in Effect Cost
3★ Wave Cannon Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (2.1x) 10 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 10) Damage dealt (2.55x)
4★ Particle Beam Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (2.3x) 12 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 15) Damage dealt (3x)
5★ Perfect Void Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (2.5x) 14 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 20) Damage dealt (3.45x)
6★ Perfect Void Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (2.7x); chance of infliction (40%) 16 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 25) Damage dealt (3.9x); chance of infliction (64%)


Cloud of Darkness can equip the following weapon types: staves, rods, throwing weapons and maces.

She can equip the following armor types: hats, clothes and robes.

She can equip accessories.