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Yuzuki Warden of the Five-Star Royal Guard, Clemente proved her military prowess early on and earned her title at a young age. She is a distant relative of Celestia. People often used to compare the two girls, igniting flames of rivalry within Clemente. When her entire unit falls in the war against Rubrum, she sides with Milites in an attempt to exact revenge, but her hopes are dashed by Class Zero. In her despair, Clemente considers ending it all when Rem steps in and persuades her to keep going. Her faith restored, Clemente sets out once again to complete her true mission.


Clemente Yuzuki Nes Peacemaker is a supporting character from Final Fantasy Type-0, and an elite knight of the Yuzuki, who protect the Kingdom of Concordia's peristylium and sovereign.

As a warden of the House of Yuzuki of the Five-Star Royal Guard, Clemente is charged with protecting the kingdom as well as guarding the seal over the Cursemire of Naraku. Clemente is a distant relative of Celestia, as well as her peer and rival.



According to the Rubicus, Clemente is 23 years old and 130cm tall. She has pink hair, tanned skin, brown eyes, and wears spectacles. Her clothing is similar to Claes Celestia Misca Sancest's uniform, but in shades of dark red and pink in contrast to the blue and white of Celestia's. Clemente wears a long elaborate headpiece with two large spirals with "tails" hanging down her back, and a floor-length red kimono with silver embroidery detail and cinched at the waist with an obi. The red of the kimono fades into pink shades at the hem and at the ends of her sleeves.


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As warden of the Five-Star Royal Guard, Clemente inherited her position in the Yuzuki Warden and played a role in all governmental affairs. She proved her military prowess early on and earned her title at a young age.

During the war against the Dominion of Rubrum, her entire unit falls and she sides with the Militesi Empire to exact revenge. Her hopes are dashed by Class Zero and she considers ending everything out of despair before Rem Tokimiya persuades her to continue living. With her faith restored, Clemente sets out once again to complete her true mission.

As the warden of the Five-Star Royal Guards's Yuzuki division, Clemente is also charged with the unusual task of guarding the seal over the Cursemire of Naraku. Only those raised in the House of Yuzuki and trained in the special sealing arts may fill this rare position. Due to their direct connection with the heathen Dracobaltians, the members of the Yuzuki clan are some of the few in Concordia with thorough knowledge of the old Blue Dragon dynasty.

After the assassination of Queen Andoria, the King of Concordia assumes the throne as the first king in history of Concordia. When Soryu refuses to obey him in the war against Rubrum, the King orders Naraku unsealed despite Clemente advising against it. She relents only after he questions her allegiance to the kingdom and her ruler, though she requests the kingdom's residents be evacuated. Showing no interest, the King dismisses Yuzuki and Celestia to deal with the task.

Clemente, at the Cursemire of Naraku

When Clemente and Class Zero corner the King during his search for the Blue Dragon Crystal in Naraku, they discover he was responsible for the Queen's assassination to become Concordia's first male sovereign. Because he felt he had been discriminated against due to his gender, he wanted to reactivate the Blue Dragon Crystal so the kingdom would no longer be solely ruled by women. Clemente reveals that the Blue Dragon Crystal no longer exists and that the male people of the Blue Dragon Crystal have become the Dracobaltians. The King refuses to accept Clemente's explanation and is devoured by the Dracobaltians before he can fulfill his ambitions. Clemente chooses to stay in Naraku to fend off the Dracobaltians, sacrificing herself to allow Class Zero to escape.

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The party can meet Clemente in Ingram District 0714 in Chapter 4 where she gives the task Flex for Her Majesty. The player must max out a cadet's Attack to get a Draconic Gemstone. This is her only appearance in the main game. The special scene "Clemente and the King of Concordia" is obtained in the Annals of Orience after unlocking "A Reason to Live" (by doing all of Enra's missions), and progressing to Chapter 6.


Clemente is voiced by Yū Kobayashi in Japanese, who also voiced Princess Goblin in World of Final Fantasy.

In the English version, she is voiced by Courtnee Draper.



Clemente is related to "clement", which means "merciful" or "gentle" in Latin. Yuzuki (夕月, Yuuzuki?) can be translated in English as "evening moon."