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Clear Tranquil is Yuffie's second level 1 Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It is a healing ability that heals all party members by half of their maximum HP, giving it an identical effect to Healing Wind. Clear Tranquil is Yuffie's only healing Limit Break.


Clear Tranquil is obtained by performing Greased Lightning nine times. Yuffie can speed this up by equipping the Cover Materia, causing her to take more damage in battle and thus use Greased Lightning more often. Another way to do so is to use a Hyper to achieve the Fury status, charging the Limit gauge faster.


Clear Tranquil relies on the maximum HP of the party, rather than any of Yuffie's stats. This means the ability requires no investment to be effective, and remains useful throughout the game. With a Hyper, Yuffie can use the Limit after taking only approximately one-third of her HP as damage, making her a dependable healer. By equipping Yuffie with Cover Materia, it is possible to have her intercept physical damage and thus heal the party quickly.

Clear Tranquil is unique to Yuffie, as she never obtains another healing Limit Break. Though Clear Tranquil is outclassed by Aeris's later Limit Breaks while Aeris is in the party, Clear Tranquil remains a very effective ability. In many cases, however, players may prefer Yuffie's later Limit Breaks for the damage they provide, particularly once she has the Conformer.