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Cleanse FFXII

Cleanse in Final Fantasy XII.

Cleanse (リブート, Ribūto?, lit. Reboot) is a recurring spell in the series.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Cleanse is a White Magick spell that cures Disease status from one ally. This White Magick 5 License costs 45 LP to learn, and 20 MP to cast. It is available for purchase at the Phon Coast for 5,800 gil.

In the Zodiac versions, Cleanse is a White Magick 7 License that cannot be bought. It is found in a chest in the Cerobi Steppe's Terraced Bank. Cleanse can be used by three classes: White Mage, Red Battlemage, and Knight; although Red Battlemage and Knight can only learn it if they have the Espers Licenses—Red Battlemage through Shemhazai and Knight through Mateus.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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