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D012 FF12Claymore

Claymore in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Wielding a sword such as this is not a warrior's right. It is his privilege.

Claymore (クレイモア, Kureimoa?), also known as Great Sword and Giant, is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. It is often a mid to high-ranked greatsword with high Attack power.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

The Great Sword (Claymore in the Origins version and originally known as Giant) is a mid-ranked sword for Warrior, Knight, Ninja, Red Mage, and Red Wizard. It provides 19 Attack, 15 Accuracy, and deals critical damage when used against Giants and can be found on Mount Gulg.

Final Fantasy XI Edit

Claymore is a level 10 greatsword which is equippable by all races and Dark Knights, Paladins, and Warriors. It does 22 damage, 444 delay, 2.97 DPS, and its TP per hit is 11.4%.

Final Fantasy XII Edit

Claymore is the weakest greatsword (besides the Treaty-Blade and Sword of Kings) and requires 50 LP and Greatswords 1 license to use. It costs 10,500 gil to buy at Archades and provides 82 Attack and 10 Evade. All greatswords have 2.47s charge, and 1.2s action time, making them average what it comes to attacking speed.

In the Zodiac versions, it now provides 83 Attack, 20 Evade, 35 CT, 8% combo rate, and requires the Greatswords 1 license for 50 LP. It can be found as a treasure in Draklor Laboratory (67th Floor - Room 6711 West) and Cerobi Steppe (South Liavell Hills, Feddik River), or poached from Spee (5%). It can be equipped by the White Mage, Red Battlemage, and Knight.

Final Fantasy XV Edit

Greatswords can be equipped by Noctis and Gladiolus.

Greatswords1562Max HP: +98
Vitality: +32
Buy: 600
Sell: 300
Shop: Taelpar Rest Area, Lestallum
Ore that increases vitality is forged into the blade, granting the wielder a defensive boon.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Edit

Well-sharpened sword held by a chosen few.

Claymore is a high-ranked broadsword that provides 49 Attack and 5 Defense, and teaches Monkey Grip to Warriors. It is a random reward for completing a mission.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

Claymore is a high-ranked broadsword that provides 45 Attack, 5 Defense, and 2 Evasion. It teaches Rend Weapon to Defenders for 350 AP and Whirlwind to Raptors for 300 AP. It can be bought for 3,800 gil in the shop after creating it in the Bazaar after using a Tarknov Crystal, Adamantite, and Tanned Tyrant Hide.

Vagrant Story Edit

Claymore is a mid-ranked great sword that provides 2 Risk, 22 Strength, 4 Range, and -4 Agility.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Edit

Claymore is a weapon for Queen. It provides 8 Attack Power. In the PSP version, it can be bought from the SPP Post after bringing Queen in multiplayer once for 1600 SPP and sells for 800 gil. In the HD version, it can be bought after defeating 30 enemies with Queen for 200 SPP and sells for 100 gil.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Edit

Great sword made for heavy knights. Really too heavy to be used much.

Claymore is a sword that can be used by any race. It provides 52 attack at level 1 and 134 attack at level 30, has one empty slot, and can be bought for 1170 gil. It can also be created for 300 gil by using White Silver x3 and a Protective Shell. When turned into a jewel, a level 3-9 Claymore makes a Guard Stone 1, level 10-19 makes a Holy Stone 4, and level 20-30 makes a Small Citrine.

Bravely Default Edit

Claymore is a sword that provides 40 P.ATK and 90 Aim. It can be bought in Caldisla (ch. 5) for 30000 pg, or stolen from Braev the Templar (ch. 4).

Bravely Second: End Layer Edit

Said to have once been used by giants, this huge weapon of the Norende region bears a name that means "great sword." Its massive size and weight make it difficult to wield, but its terrible destructive power makes it a favorite of mercenaries and other warriors who pride themselves in their strength.

Claymore is a greatsword that provides 46 P.ATK, 85 Aim, and deals 50% more damage to dragonkind. It can be bought in Grandship for 13000 pg, or stolen from Kaiser Oblivion (ch 5).

Dissidia Final Fantasy Edit

Claymore is a level 29 greatsword that provides +23 Attack. It can be bought at the shop for 9,230 gil.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Edit

Two separate Claymores can be used. The first is a level 1 greatsword that provides +24 Attack and -2 Defense, and can be obtained by trading 16,100 gil. The second is a level 30 greatsword that provides +42 Attack, -2 Defense, and +5% Physical Damage, and can be obtained by trading one gil and a Rage of Conflict in the Labyrinth. It is used in the Labyrinth to get a Cottage.

The Claymore also appears as one of Vaan's weapons and Bravery attack Greatsword when in normal form.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Edit

The Claymore is one of Garland's alternate weapons, based on the weapon design from his character model in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. This weapon was obtainable as an exclusive pre-order bonus when the game was purchased through GameStop. Like all other characters' weapons, equipping it offers no advantages or disadvantages.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Edit

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit

The Claymore is a weapon and has two versions, one with a rarity of Normal, and one with a rarity of Normal Plus. The Normal version, at its base level, has an Attack of 270, a Defense of 270, a maximum level of 20, a Cost of 4, and a fast leveling rate. The normal plus version at its base level has an attack of 530, a defense of 560, a maximum level of 40, a cost of 8, and a normal leveling rate. Both weapons are classified as greatswords.

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Final Fantasy Artniks Dive Edit

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Final Fantasy All the Bravest Edit

Swinging around this huge sword is a very effective means of anger management.

Claymore grants +1 to Attack. It can be equipped by Knight, Mystic Knight, Cecil, Bartz, Cloud, Squall, Seifer, Steiner, and Vaan.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

Claymore (XII)
Rarity 3
Additional stats: Accuracy +89

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances Edit

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring Edit

Ehrgeiz Claymore
A huge sword.

The Claymore is a 2-handed sword within the Forsaken Dungeon. It provides 30 Weapon Atk, 10 Durability, -2 Speed, -1 Consumption Rate, and -10 EXP Gain Rate.

Blood of Bahamut Edit

Claymore is a spear that can be equipped by Santiago.

Gallery Edit

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Etymology Edit

The claymore was a type of large, two-handed blade. It was used by Scottish troops circa 1500 - 1700 CE. The word comes from the Gaelic claidheamh mor meaning "very big sword", although the name was probably not used contemporaneously with the actual weapon.

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