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The Clay Golem, also known as MudGOL in the Nintendo Entertainment System version, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. They can be found inside the Citadel of Trials, the Flying Fortress and the Chaos Shrine. Despite their sturdy appearance, they have a very low Defense stat and can be defeated quite easily with physical attacks. Magical attacks do not work as well due to the Clay Golem's numerous resistances and high Magic Defense stat.

Do note that though they have poor defense, they have reasonable HP and access to the Haste spell. Do not dawdle in dealing with them, because their attacks are fairly potent for when they appear and can be more so if they are allowed to stick around and buff themselves. This is especially true in the NES and Wonderswan versions, where they are considerably harder to kill at this point in the game.


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In Jewish and medieval folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created from inanimate matter. The word was used to mean an amorphous, unformed material (usually out of stone and clay) in Psalms and medieval writing. Adam, the first man created by God in the Holy Bible, was a golem since he was created from dust and sand. Having a golem servant was seen as the ultimate symbol of wisdom and holiness, with stories of prominent Rabbis owning golems throughout the middle ages. In modern times, the word golem, sometimes pronounced goilem in Yiddish, has come to mean one who is slow, clumsy, and generally dimwitted.

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