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Claudio Tonogiri Misca Sancest is Claes Celestia Misca Sancest's son in Final Fantasy Type-0. Like his mother, Tonogiri is a member of the Akatoki Warden of the Kingdom of Concordia army.



Tonogiri is 14 years old and 4'2" (128cm) tall. He wears the uniform of a Dracoknight, and this his full appearance is unknown.


Tonogiri seeks to appease his mother, who serves as the queen's ambassador and is greatly respected within the kingdom. To fulfill a family tradition he joined the Dracoknight forces, in part to make his mother proud. Being Celestia's only son, Tonogiri knows her personal struggles and, hoping to help her, took the Royal Guard entrance exam. His peers often mock him for being "mama's boy" and for riding Celestia's coattails, but he withstands their taunting, steadily building a reputation of his own.


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Tonogiri took the Royal Guard entrance exam at age 12 and passed with flying colors. Although his mother worries about him, she prides in his accomplishments. After Queen Andoria is assassinated, Celestia relinquishes her humanity to serve the Azure Dragon to inherit her position as a l'Cie. Tonogiri is utterly shocked and feels the Crystal has stolen his mother. Despite his initial misgivings, Tonogiri is pleased his mother had not changed much as she still devotes herself to the kingdom and showed compassion for people and to him. Tonogiri decides to follow in her footsteps, and when the Dominion of Rubrum advances on the kingdom he defends Shakara with his life. He is felled by Class Zero.

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Tonogiri is fought during the mission "The Kingdom's Final Hours". He behaves like a normal Dracoknight, but with a Haste status.



Claudio is an Italian and Spanish masculine given name, derived from Latin Claudius, the surname of one of founding five eminent Roman clan (Gens) dating back to fl.500BC.

Tonogiri (との義理?) means "with honor" in Japanese.