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Clarricie quo Priscus also known as Clarricie the Resplendent, is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She appears in the Bozjan Southern Front as a Beastmaster centurion of the IVth Imperial Legion.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Clarrice is a wildwood elezen with pale skin and lavender colored eyes. She has long blonde hair and is seen with pink sunglasses on her head. She wears a red Neo Ishgardian Fending dress and wears white gloves and white boots underneath a black skirt. She wields the Shamash axe and a light green dyed Diamond Shield in battle.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Clarricie's portrait in Field Record.

Countless stories are told about Clarricie. Some call her a witch, saying they have observed her speaking to her pets in unholy, bestial tongues the likes of which have never been uttered by mortal mouths─indeed, that the monstrosities in her charge obey her every command because she herself is one of them. Others claim this is but a lie spread by those looking to smear her name, and that Clarricie is rather a saint, a figure of surpassing compassion and charity who tends to her wounded pets and comrades with self-sacrificing love and devotion, fighting to protect them as if she were the warrior goddess Gradia herself.

Perhaps both tales are true, and whether Clarricie appears as a witch or a saint depends on the eye of the beholder. What cannot be denied are the nigh-countless triumphs she has claimed in war, and the profound fear she strikes into the heart of any foe unfortunate enough to meet her dangerously alluring gaze on the battlefield. Clarrice is said to be difficult to understand as well as ostentatious.

Story[edit | edit source]

Clarricie was born as one of the Eschva, a nomadic people that wandered across borders in the olden days. When the Garlean Empire came, they refused to settle, leading Legatus Noah van Gabranth to propose a compromise: they could maintain their itinerant lifestyle on the condition they volunteered a dictated number of their strongest men to serve in the imperial army for a fixed period of time. The Eschva accepted these terms, and Clarricie's newlywed husband was one of those chosen to serve. A formidable beastmaster in his own right, he was recruited into Lyon rem Helsos's contingent, but lost his life on his very first mission─just months after he and Clarricie swore their vows.

Feeling a strong sense of responsibility and pity for the poor girl, Lyon personally paid her a visit in Gabranth's stead, apologizing her beloved had died under his watch. Lamenting the thought of any other Eschva women being widowed as she had been, she entreated Lyon to accept her into his ranks in her husband's place, a petition which the Beast King was all too happy to accept. Since that day, Clarricie wears the masks of both a witch and a saint, fighting for her husband's honor and memory, and to achieve an era of peace for her people that her beloved will never see.

References[edit | edit source]

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