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Clap & Love/Why is a single by Ayaka Iida (credited as ayaka), in which the B-side song "Why" became the theme song of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Another instrumental variation of the song is included in the Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack album.


  1. Clap & Love — 3:22
  2. Why — 4:29
  3. Peace loving people (Live version) — 8:11
  4. Clap & Love (Instrumental) — 3:22
  5. Why (Instrumental) — 4:26

Why / ayaka[]

Why / ayaka is a set of the single "Why" with a DVD included that contains a promotional video and a music video.

Track list[]

  1. Why
  2. CLAP & LOVE
  3. Peace loving people <Live ver.>
  4. Why <Instrumental>
  5. CLAP & LOVE <Instrumental>


  1. "Why" Promotion Video <ayaka Ver.>
  2. "Why" Music Video <CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII Ver.>

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