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The Clan Primer (クランレポート, Kuran Repōto?, lit. Clan Report) is a book in Final Fantasy XII used to keep track of information acquired during the game. The player receives it from Tomaj once they accept their first Hunt.


The Clan Primer has four subsections.


Keeps track of all the player's hunts both during and after each hunt has been completed.


Keeps track of all beasts that the player has killed. Each beast has a page of information about it, and, if the player slays enough of that certain beast, a secret page will be unlocked. This page may have information on the history of Ivalice, short stories, or tips on how to get a certain Bazaar Good or rare item.

Beasts with only one page are Espers, Bosses, Marks and Rare Game. Humanoid creatures such as seeq and bangaa have 6 pages to their entries.

Sky Pirate's Den[]

A list of all the awards the player has earned during the game. Some rewards are easy to get, while some require several hours of dedication.

Traveler's Tips[]

General hints and tips to help new players. It serves as in-game help and will explain several useful things, such as weapon properties, chains, etc.

Clan Ranks[]

By fulfilling certain requirements, the player's clan rank rises. Whenever it does, Montblanc will give the player a new reward, and new items will be available in the clan shop.

The ranks are:

  1. Moppet - Default rank, the player starts with this.
  2. Hedge Knight - Get 700 clan points and kill 2 marks.
  3. Rear Guard - Get 8,000 clan points and kill 4 marks.
  4. Vanguard - Get 20,000 clan points and kill 8 marks.
  5. Headhunter - Get 30,000 clan points and kill 10 marks.
  6. Ward of Justice - Get 40,000 clan points and kill 12 marks.
  7. Brave Companion - Get 100,000 clan points and kill 14 marks.
  8. Riskbreaker - Get 200,000 clan points and kill 16 marks. This rank is a reference to the main character of Vagrant Story, Ashley Riot.
  9. Paragon of Justice - Get 250,000 clan points and kill 24 marks.
  10. High Guardian - Get 300,000 clan points and kill 28 marks.
  11. Knight of the Round - Get 500,000 clan points and kill 32 marks. This rank is a reference to the highest rank of chivalry in Arthurian legend, a trait shared with another Ivalice title, Vagrant Story which has references to the legends of King Arthur. Incidentally, it is the name of the ultimate Summon of Final Fantasy VII.
  12. Order of Ambrosia - Get 1,000,000 clan points, kill all 45 marks and complete the Sky Pirate's Den.