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Clan Nutsy is the group of heroes led by Marche Radiuju and Montblanc in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Initially founded by Montblanc, the clan seeks to help Marche find a way to revert the world back to St. Ivalice. They fight many battles against other clans and against the Totema, before they meet up with and defeat the Li-Grim, which restores the real world. The player is given the option to name the clan following the first real battle, as Montblanc tells Marche the clan is too small to have a name yet. When naming the clan, Montblanc's face will appear on the screen, as he is the clan's leader.


  • In Final Fantasy XII, there is a moogle named Nutsy who appears in several locations.
  • In the Japanese version, Clan Nutsy's first generic members have the same name as Clan Centurio's members.