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Clan territories in Tactics A2.

Clans exist throughout Ivalice, the majority of them being quite small. Still, of those clans operating in the largest cities, many have earned a name for themselves through their accomplishments. Clan Diatroma of Bhujerba and Clan Buckaboo of Balfonheim Port are some of the more famous regional clans. Of late, a young clan in Dalmasca by the name of Clan Centurio has become a household name. Along the Phon Coast, bands of hunters fulfill the role of clans, hunting local monsters and keeping the peace.

Clans of Ivalice, Sage Knowledge

Clan (クラン, Kuran?) is a recurring terminology in the Final Fantasy series, particularly common in the world of Ivalice. It makes its first appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and have since been used to generally refer to a group of people working together for a common objective.


Final Fantasy XII[]

Clans refer to a group of people who work together to drive away fiends and monsters known as marks from civilized areas. Entry to a clan is not publicly known; usually members of the clan would scout out potential clan members who proved their worth by defeating a mark—this happened to Vaan when Tomaj sent him to hunt the Rogue Tomato.

A clan's meeting location is also made secret; clan watchmen would stay guard outside their base, permitting entry only to those with a Clan Primer. One of the famous clans in Rabanastre is Clan Centurio.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

The human civilization of Gran Pulse was organized in clans. Until at least the War of Transgression, Gran Pulsian anthroponyms included the name of their homeland, clan name and given name, in this order.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

In Eorzea, clan is used to refer to subdivisions of the six races, which players select during character creation.

Hyur Miqo'te Lalafell Elezen Roegadyn Au Ra Viera Hrothgar
Midlander Seekers of the Sun Plainsfolk Wildwood Sea Wolves Raen Rava Helion
Highlander Keepers of the Moon Dunesfolk Duskwight Hellsguard Xaela Veena The Lost

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Clans make their first appearance and refers to a group of people who work together to complete missions that are posted at pubs. Anyone can be in a clan as long as they ask to be recruited. The maximum number of people in a clan cannot exceed twenty-four.

Clans are lead by the clan leader, who makes the decisions about who is sent out on dispatch assignments and decides who is entered into battle. Whenever a clan leader is not present, due to imprisonment, all clan activities stop until the return of the leader. One of the famous clans in Ivalice is Clan Nutsy.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Repeating the same formula used in Tactics Advance. One of the famous clans known is Clan Gully. Other notable clans include Duelhorn and Prima Donna.