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Leader of the youth group that inhabits Gongaga. She visits the village to help it recover from the Mako Reactor explosion incident and decides to settle there permanently. She commands the youth group with her extraordinary skills and leadership, fighting off the increasing number of monsters influenced by Mako.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth description

Cissnei (real name unknown) is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy VII series. She is a playable protagonist in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, a supporting character in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, with an expanded role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Cissnei is the youngest member of the Shinra Electric Power Company's special task force, the Turks, led by Tseng. She was trained at an early age to become a Turk and is devoted to her professional duties. Cissnei is resolute, affable, and caring, but somewhat reserved due to her rough upbringing. She eventually joined the relief effort in Gongaga after the reactor exploded, became leader of the Gongaga Youth Coalition, and moved to the village. Cissnei is also friends with Tseng, Reno, Rude, and Zack Fair.

Though Cissnei has a mysterious past, she is skilled in various forms of combat, wielding a shuriken in battle, and has a knack for leadership.


Early life[]


Cissnei and other Turks witness a prominent Turk awakening from a coma.

Cissnei was born in 1984 and grew up in an orphanage. She was adopted and raised to become a Turk, training seriously and viewing everyone as an enemy. She ended up being the youngest person recruited into the Turks and was initially recruited into its secondary division.[3][1]

After Verdot left the Turks and Tseng took over, he linked her division with the main division to bolster their numbers. She met and befriended colleagues Tseng, Reno, and Rude, who helped her overcome her paranoia and trust issues.[3][1]

Avalanche Insurgency and Genesis War[]

Cissnei defeats Genesis copies from Crisis Core Reunion
Cissnei meets Zack from Crisis Core Reunion

Cissnei defends Sector 8 from Genesis's army and meets Zack.

Cissnei was working on an elite top secret mission for the Turks before joining in the conflict against Avalanche.[1]

In "Special Episode: Reno" of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Cissnei, Tseng, Reno, and Rude defended Sector 8 against Genesis Rhapsodos's forces. During chapter 3 of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Cissnei befriended Zack, who was surprised by the Turks' involvement due to SOLDIER's shortage. She accepted Zack's help and winked at him before running off. After Zack saved her from a Genesis copy, Cissnei expressed her childhood desire for wings as symbols of freedom, thanked him, and parted ways.[4]

Cissnei at Costa del Sol from Crisis Core Reunion
Cissnei and Zack in Costa del Sol from Crisis Core Reunion

Cissnei, the Turks, and Zack vacation in Costa del Sol.

In chapter 6, Cissnei vacationed with the Turks and Zack in Costa del Sol, secretly assigned to monitor Zack's loyalty to Shinra after Angeal Hewley's death. She suggested he enjoy some R&R, dissuaded him from contacting the company, and informed him of Lazard Deusericus's betrayal and Hollander's interrogation in Junon. Zack questioned their actions, and Cissnei replied that "the truth lies within each person", but it can become suspect when spoken. Zack tried to send Cissnei away as he contacted Aerith Gainsborough. She figured he was calling her and denied that they were being watched, stating Aerith was under surveillance as the last living Ancient. Their vacation ended abruptly when Tseng alerted them to Genesis attacks nearby and in Junon.[5]

The Turks and Zack in Junon from Crisis Core Reunion

The Turks and Zack at Junon.

In Junon, Cissnei directed Zack to Hollander's location while she and Tseng evacuated residents. Zack praised her and said she would become "Turk supervisor" soon, surprising her. She confessed to never expecting recognition due to her rough upbringing, crediting her Turk colleagues for changing her perspective. A curious Zack asked about her life before joining the Turks, but she encouraged him not to slack off and mentioned his fan club back in Midgar. At Junon Airport, Cissnei and Tseng failed to stop Hollander's escape as he was taken away by Genesis copies.[5]

Cissnei emailed Zack sometime after leaving Junon, discussing the chaotic state of SOLDIER without Lazard's leadership. She noted that it was more than President Shinra could handle, indicating that the Turks were carrying most of the workload. She later sent another email, apologizing for their interrupted vacation and being on "assignment". Cissnei encouraged Zack to return to the beach and take breaks occasionally to uphold his quality of work.[6]

Sometime around chapter 8, Cissnei emailed Zack and inquired if he was in Nibelheim, mentioning she was in "another freezing locale". She acknowledged Zack's reading of LOVELESS on vacation and asked if he finished or discarded it. She later sent another email inviting him to attend a stage production of LOVELESS once they returned to Midgar, suggesting it might offer the "hint" he was looking for.[6]

Conflict with Shinra[]

Sometime four years later, in "The Choices We Made in the Beginning and the End" of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Tseng assigned Cissnei to locate escaped "research samples" Zack and Cloud Strife from Shinra Manor, competing against the Shinra army. She questioned why the Turks were hunting subjects they were indirectly responsible for imprisoning while searching the Nibelheim forest.[7]

In chapter 9 of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Cissnei found Zack on the beach, questioning if he was the escaped "fugitive sample". Despite Zack's attempts to reason with her, she was conflicted and attacked because it was "part of the job", but Zack refused to harm her. Afterward, Cissnei noticed the mako-poisoned Cloud, concernedly asked if he was the other target, Zack raised his sword, and she called Tseng, lying about losing the target. She urged Zack to escape, providing him with keys to a motorcycle.[8] She then returned to investigate the Shinra Manor, discovering Verdot poring through the mansion's archives.[3]

Cissnei in Gongaga from Crisis Core Reunion
Cissnei talks to Zack in Gongaga from Crisis Core Reunion

Cissnei encounters and chats with Zack in Gongaga.

In chapter 10, Cissnei predictably encountered Zack in Gongaga and warned about tight security due to Angeal's presence. She reminded Zack that Angeal died by his hands, yet he believed Angeal helped him and Cloud escape from the mansion. She affirmed the sightings of Angeal were true and suggested he was likely there to see him. She allowed Zack 10 minutes to escape, sparing herself from delivering bad news to his parents. Cissnei mentioned his mother's concerns about marriage but reassured they were fine. When Zack joked about inviting her to the family, she playfully remarked it "already happened", shockingly stated "Cissnei" was not her real name, and reminded he had 5 minutes left as she walked away.[9]

Cissnei ordered to save Zack from Crisis Core Reunion

Cissnei embarking to rescue Zack from the Shinra Army.

After Genesis's defeat, in chapter 10, Tseng ordered Cissnei to locate Zack and Cloud before the Shinra army, emphasizing the need to bring them back alive. Determined to find Zack because she had yet to reveal her real name to him, Cissnei boarded a helicopter. While on the search, she radioed Reno and Rude for a status report, but they found nothing and relocated. Despite their efforts, Zack was killed.[9]

In "The Concerto: Played Out to its Straining Point", Cissnei and the other Turks fought and defeated Zirconiade, but vanished in an explosion afterward.[10] As revealed in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Cissnei left the Turks and moved to Zack's hometown of Gongaga to oversee its relief effort as leader of the Gongaga Youth Coalition.

Original continuity[]

At some point during Meteorfall, Cissnei rejoined the Turks and aided in the evacuation of Midgar.[3] After Meteorfall, Verdot mentioned the other Turks, presumably including Cissnei, were gathering intel around the world and leading their own lives.[11]

Remake continuity[]

Yuffie and Cissnei from FFVII Rebirth

Cissnei meets the party in Gongaga.

Cissnei works as the leader of the local guard in Gongaga. When Cloud Strife and his party arrived in Gongaga in chapter 9, "The Planet Stirs", Cissnei ambushed them. When she recognized Cloud, she ordered her troops to stand down. Although Cloud wondered how Cissnei recognized him, she refrained from telling anything, claiming it was a case of mistaken identity. She also recognized Cait Sith, but remained mum also at his behest. She was reluctant to talk about her past with Shinra and the Turks, likely for fear the townspeople would not accept her if they knew. Nevertheless, she provided the party with information and accepted their help, also allowing them to use her house to rest and recuperate. When a loud noise emanated from within the Gongaga reactor, Cloud, Barret, Red XIII and Cait Sith headed on to investigate while Cissnei remained in town to defend it alongside Tifa, Aerith, and Yuffie. After Shinra forces were witnessed heading to the reactor, Cissnei gave Tifa's party chocobos to get there faster.

After the party returned with a comatose Tifa in tow, Cissnei left them alone until Tifa recovered. Cissnei bonded with Aerith as she knew Aerith was Zack's girlfriend. Aerith got Cloud to help bring her some mushrooms for a dish Cissnei was making, but she was very unsure how it would turn out. During protorelic missions in the area, the party found combat simulators intended for training novice Turks, and when Cissnei caught wind that someone had been in these secret Shinra facilities, she was surprised to find Cloud there when she headed out to investigate.

Later, Cloud offered to deal with a dangerous fiend Cissnei was going to handle herself. After Cloud defeated it, Cissnei allowed Cloud to ask her one question. The answer varied depending on what Cloud chose to ask. If he chose to ask who she really was, she refused to answer, claiming it was not his business. Cloud knew she was formerly Shinra and that she was a Turk (although Cissnei did not let him say it).



Cissnei is a young woman with a slim and athletic physique. She has tan skin, wavy shoulder-length red hair, and golden-brown eyes. She wears the standard Turks uniform consisting of a black suit, white dress shirt, black tie, dress slacks, arched dress boots and fingerless gloves. She is a topic of conversation among 2nd and 3rd Class SOLDIER members debating the "prettiest woman in Midgar".[4]

While vacationing in Costa del Sol, Cissnei wears a cream-colored swimsuit with periwinkle accents consisting of a short top, sunny yellow minishorts with a pink "07" graphic, and flip-flops.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Cissnei wears athletic, modern-style clothing. She wears an open arch cut blue jean jacket vest over a white blouse, both with magenta trim borders, tight dark magenta pants, and black open steel toed boots. A brown leather studded shoulder cauldron is worn over her right shoulder, while her upper thighs wear white thigh protectors. Three series of white belts are asymmetrically attached to the right side of her jacket vest, the top two going into her vest to support her holster hidden on her left, while the third belt hangs more casually. The outfit's composition overall can be compared to clothes worn by a female motorcyclist.


Cissnei is thoughtful, perceptive, gregarious, and somewhat reserved. She is strong-willed and motivated, carrying herself professionally and taking her job as a Turk very seriously, but she also struggles to prioritize her duties. Despite that, she always looks at things from a kind and human way. Raised in Shinra to become a Turk, she had a difficult time trusting others and viewed everyone as an enemy, becoming paranoid. With the support of her friends and colleagues, she overcame the paranoia and regained a sense of trust.[12][1][4][9]

Cissnei has dreamed of freedom since childhood, as she lived in an orphanage for the majority of her life and was forcefully raised to become a Turk. It is her defining characteristic that shapes her behavior, thoughts, and beliefs. After defeating a Genesis copy in Midgar, Cissnei and Zack debate the meaning of wings and what they symbolize. She believes they symbolize freedom for those who have none while Zack relates them to "monsters". Her belief in total freedom is made more apparent when she is tasked with tracking down escaped "fugitive samples", and once learning they are Zack and Cloud, she calls Tseng and lies that she "lost the target", enabling their escape.[4][8]

The Turks hang out with Zack from Crisis Core Reunion

Cissnei is close friends with her Turk colleagues and Zack.

Despite struggling with paranoia throughout her youth, Cissnei had her life views reformed upon joining the Turks and befriending Tseng, Reno, and Rude. They showed her kindness and support, which allowed her to trust and open up towards them. When they are not on missions, they spend time with each other and even vacation together.[4][12] She also quickly became friends with Zack when they first met while defending Sector 8 from Genesis's forces, and it is subtly hinted that she may have romantic feelings for him, but nothing ever comes of it. She acts playful and somewhat flirty toward him, shows concern for his well-being, opens up about her past to him, and even invites him to see LOVELESS with her. She is also the creator of Zack's fan club, sending out emails under the username "Black Suit".[4][12][9][6]


Cissnei confronts an escaped Zack from Crisis Core Reunion

Cissnei with her weapon in hand.

Raised in Shinra to become a Turk, she received many forms of training that shaped her into a skilled fighter.[1][8] She is quick, agile, and capable of holding her own, as shown when defending Midgar against Genesis's army and during the raid on Junon.[4][12] Her weapon of choice is a silver shuriken with red-orange accents, named Rekka, which returns to its wielder upon being thrown and can also be augmented with materia.[3] She is competent with vehicles, having her own motorcycle and being able to fly a helicopter.[8][9]


Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]


Each Turk has a weapon particular to him or her. In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- weapon upgrades can be purchased using RP (Rank Points) gained from completing missions. The weapon's attacks can take on elemental attributes by slotting appropriate Materia into the weapon.

Stat Initial Level up Level 99
RP 1,000
HP 200 +70 7060
MP 120 +7 806
Attack 20 +2 216
Defense 30 +1 128
Magic 5.5

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Cissnei's DMW icon.

Zack gains Cissnei in his Digital Mind Wave after meeting her partway through chapter 4. Lining up three of Cissnei's icons during a modulating phase lets Zack use her Limit Break, Lucky Stars, that makes all attacks critical hits for a period of time. Zack's Emotion Gauge increases in accordance to the Level of Lucky Stars, which increases his attack power and probability of activating another Limit Break accordingly.

Other appearances[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

DFFOO Cissnei

Cissnei appears as a playable character who is automatically recruited at the beginning of Act 3, Ch. 7 Pt. 2 of the main storyline.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Artniks[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Cissnei TCG

Cissnei appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as a Thunder-elemental card.

Other media[]

Dead Fantasy[]

For more information, see Dead Fantasy Wiki: Cissnei.


Kasumi, Cissnei and Tifa in Dead Fantasy: Gee.

Cissnei has appeared in the two Dead Fantasy music videos where she is seen in the swimsuit she wore in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- while on vacation in Costa Del Sol with Zack Fair.

In Dead Fantasy Obsessed, she performs the song "Obsessed" by Mariah Carey with Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII and Kasumi from the Dead or Alive videogame series as her back-up dancers. In Dead Fantasy Gee, she sings and dances along with Tifa, Kasumi, Yuna, Ayane, Rikku, Hitomi, Rinoa Heartilly, and Kairi performing "Gee" from Girls' Generation. Her singing voice is provided by Tiffany.

Behind the scenes[]

Cissnei first appeared in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- as one of the myriad unnamed Turk members the player could choose. Her role is expanded on in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, where she is the only Turk who had previously only appeared in Before Crisis to appear. As the player can name Cissnei in Before Crisis, she never reveals her true name to Zack.

During development of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, "Tian" was considered as an alternate codename for Cissnei.[13]


In the English releases of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Cissnei is voiced by Carrie Savage and in the remaster Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion, she is voiced by Kayli Mills. She is voiced by Asumi Nakada in the Japanese releases.



Cissnei may be derived from cisne. Cisne is the Portuguese and Spanish word for "swan".