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I see... a cycle of wrath... a dim light... guided by destiny... that about which our entire future revolves.

Lukahn, leader of the Circle of Sages

The Circle of Sages (12人の賢者, Jūninin no Kenja?) is a group of twelve sages from the original Final Fantasy. They are located in the upper-right corner of the city of Crescent Lake where they stand in a circular pattern. Some of the sages can be more helpful to the Warriors of Light than others, as most of the sages talk about the history of the Four Fiends or beg the Warriors of Light for help.

The Circle is presumably led by Lukahn, the sage from Cornelia whose prophecy gave the king and the people of Cornelia hope that Princess Sarah would be rescued. The sage to the right of Lukahn will give the party the canoe, which is required to reach Mount Gulg and the Cavern of Ice. The Circle is well acquainted with Lukahn's prophecy and understands that the Warriors of Light are the ones who will fulfill it.

All of the sages provide continuous support and encouragement to the party throughout their quest. At the end of the game, the Circle reveals the secret of the Chaos Shrine and of the bats inside of Garland's chamber, which eventually leads to the Warriors of Light's final confrontation with Chaos.



A sage in classical philosophy is someone who has attained the wisdom which a philosopher seeks.

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