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The Circle of Knowing, also known as Archons, is a group of non-player characters in Final Fantasy XIV/Legacy. They are prominent figures in the Main Scenario quests and Seventh Umbral Era storyline. The Adventurer would interact with different members of the Circle depending on which nation they created their character in and which Grand Company they chose. This also determines which member of the Circle defends the Adventurer when he or she is later attacked by Gaius van Baelsar.

The Circle of Knowing hails from the city-state of Sharlayan in the northwestern Dravania region. They are marked by the Tattoo on their neck.


Y'shtola, Yda, Papalymo, and Thancred all arrive late in the main storyline to fight Gaius when he attempts to kill the Adventurer, though he defeats and then wounds them and the Adventurer relatively easily.

A Realm Reborn

After the Seventh Umbral Era and Louisoix's death, the surviving members of the Circle of Knowledge merged with the Path of the Twelve into a new organization, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and made it their goal to restore the world.


  • Some believe the Archons either caused or rectified the Sixth Umbral Era 1,500 years before the game.
  • In the quest Of Archons and Muses, it is said that the Archons are the manifestations of The Twelve. There is mention of a Roegadyn Archon named Ahldbhar, the incarnation of Rhalgr, and Louisoix's staff bears the mark of Thaliak.
  • Of the Circle of Knowing members, Urianger is the only one not shown in the End of an Era video.
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