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The Circle of Knowing is a group of twelve researchers and scholars known as Archons in Final Fantasy XIV. The group was founded by Louisoix Leveilleur dedicated to the salvation of Eorzea, and its members are prominent figures in the main scenario quests and Seventh Umbral Era storyline in the original Final Fantasy XIV. The Warrior of Light would interact with different members depending on which nation they created their character in, and which Grand Company they chose. This determines which member of the Circle defends the Warrior when they are later attacked by Gaius van Baelsar.

The Circle of Knowing hails from the city-state of Sharlayan in the northwestern Dravania region.



Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

During the Sixth Astral Era, an Archons group appeared to fight the calamity. They helped evacuate city-states and influenced the original formation of Grand Companies. Despite that some believe the Archons either caused or rectified the Sixth Umbral Era 1500 years ago.

Tired of the war and unhappy with the Forum's unwillingness to intervene, Louisoix Leveilleur promised to take matters into their own hands by more clandestine means. He met in silence with twelve of his pupils and formed the Circle of Knowing with the goal of saving Eorzea. Louisoix knew that to deter the threat of a Garlean invasion, they would have to warn the Eorzean Alliance. Louisoix sent his fellow Archons to the three city-states, hoping to convince one of their respective leaders to re-establish the Grand Companies—consolidated command centers that combine military, economic and technological resources to prepare for the next disaster.

Y'shtola, Yda, Papalymo, and Thancred arrive late to fight Gaius when he attempts to kill the Warrior of Light, though he easily defeats them and the Warrior of Light.

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

After the Seventh Umbral Era and Louisoix's death, the surviving members of the Circle of Knowledge merged with the Path of the Twelve into a new organization, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and made it their goal to restore the world.

Behind the scenes[]

In the quest "Of Archons and Muses," it is said that the Archons are the manifestations of The Twelve. Louisoix's staff bears the mark of Thaliak, and there is mention of a Roegadyn Archon who lived during the Sixth Astral Era named Ahldbhar, the incarnation of Rhalgr.

Alphinaud Leveilleur comments that there were twelve archons, an allusion to the Circle of Sages from the original Final Fantasy.

Una Tayuun, Satzfloh, and Percevains were erroneously associated with the Circle of Knowing in early editions of Encyclopædia Eorzea; they are correctly associated with the Path of the Twelve in later editions.