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No! No one touches my hammer but me!


Cinna (Er Cina in Italian) is a temporary playable character in Final Fantasy IX. He is a member of Tantalus Theater Troupe and thus a Thief and an actor. Cinna has a passion for his Hammer (which he lets no one else use), exotic coffee, and South Gate Bundt Cake. He is also skilled with machines, and possesses the Unusual Potion item Zidane needs to further his quest.


Template:Spoilers Cinna is first seen on the Prima Vista where participates in the first fight against Baku, and is next seen acting out his part in the play, I Want to Be Your Canary. The purpose of the play was to be a present for Princess Garnet of Alexandria's sixteenth birthday, but also to act as a guise for Tantalus to kidnap her. Afterward, Cinna helps Zidane and Garnet escape from Steiner and his Knights of Pluto on the airship. Zidane, Cinna, and Blank eventually corner Steiner, and Cinna helps them escape onto the stage. The Prima Vista escapes, but Queen Brahne destroys it. The ship crashlands in the Evil Forest and Cinna helps the survivors who landed outside the airship, and stays there, offering goods to Zidane, Steiner, and Vivi before they head out to find Garnet.

Cinna, Baku, and Marcus manage to escape the Evil Forest, and Marcus decides to rescue his friend Blank, who has been petrified. Cinna travels with Marcus to South Gate, where they meet up with Steiner and Garnet, who are returning to Alexandria. Marcus joins Steiner and Garnet, while Cinna waits for a Cable Car to take him back to Lindblum. However, Cinna overstuffs himself with South Gate Bundt Cake, and Baku finds him slacking off, and punishes him for lateness.

It is assumed that Cinna returns to Alexandria with Baku and Ruby to help in the struggle against Brahne. After Brahne's death, Ruby decides to open up a minitheater in Alexandria, and Marcus, Blank, and Cinna help her. They decide to take Vivi to the first show, and use him as a decoy so that Ruby will not scold them for lateness. After the destruction of Alexandria, all of Tantalus except for Ruby return to Lindblum to rebuild their headquarters. Marcus asks to borrow Cinna's hammer, but Cinna will not let him have it. Cinna is seen later on the Hilda Garde 3 during the struggle to enter Memoria. In the ending, he puts on another show in Alexandria. Template:Endspoilers

Equipment and stats


Cinna is a Thief, and thus has high Speed. His Hammer (which doubles as his weapon) has low Attack power. Since Cinna can never be controlled outside of battle (and since he is only controllable for three battles), it is unknown what else he equips. The player can obtain his hammer by finding all thirteen Stellazzio coins. The Hammer can be synthesized into Tin Armor, Steiner's best armor, but if the player has the Hammer in their inventory during the ending sequence, they get an extra scene in the ending.


Since Cinna is only a temporary character, he has no support abilities, and cannot gain EXP or AP. He can steal in battle, similar to the other Thieves.


  • In the GBA/PSP/iOS remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Cinna is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Monk Job.
  • In the German translation Cinna is shown to speak with a thick Bavarian accent, which notably disappears once he is on stage playing his role. In the Italian version, he speaks with a strong Roman dialect, much like Quina. In the Spanish version, he has a partial Andalusian accent. This makes him one of the few characters in the pre-voice acting Final Fantasy games to have an accent.
  • Although the player cannot normally see it ingame, Cinna does have a face portrait during the times he is in the player party.


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