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Cindy is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2. She is one of the Magus Sisters the party must fight on the road to the Farplane.

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Cindy fights alongside Mindy and Sandy. Mindy has the least HP of the trio; Cindy has the most.

The Magus Sisters' most lethal attack is Delta Attack, which will reduce the entire party's HP to 1 and MP to 0. The sisters will then quickly finish the party off before they have a chance to recover. Since all three of the sisters must be alive to use it, as soon as one of them is defeated, the party will no longer have to fear Delta Attack.

Cindy likes to cast Not-So-Mighty Guard and Regen.

Strategy Edit

It is recommended to try defeating Mindy first. One method that often works well involves having Paine use Full Throttle and repeatedly attack with Sword Dance. This inflicts two physical attacks on each of the Magus Sisters, and since it deals relatively high damage, in a few attacks with it should take out Mindy while heavily damaging Cindy and Sandy.

For Cindy, it is wise to carry anything that can remove beneficial spells, such as Dispel Tonics and the Dispel spell. This way, the player can remove whatever status Cindy gives to her companions without having them hamper their abilities to deal with them. It is wise to also cast Protect or use a Light Curtain to reduce the damage of Cindy's Camisade attack.

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  • Cindy's AP value is shown as 0 in the walkthrough section of the North American and HD Remaster guides; the correct amount is shown in the bestiary section.

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