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Cindy is a boss in Final Fantasy IV. Cindy, Sandy, and Mindy are the Magus Sisters, servants of the wind boss Barbariccia. They attack Cecil and the party on the fifth floor in the Tower of Zot just after a room with a save point.



Easy Type


The Magus Sisters use Delta Attack, in which Sandy casts Reflect on Cindy, and Mindy uses a level two spell or Bio on her, reflecting it on to Cecil's party. Cindy revives her allies if they die, so it is recommended that she be the first target unless one wants to grind by having her revive Sandy and Mindy repeatedly.

If Tellah uses Dispel on Cindy before Mindy casts Bio, Sandy will try re-casting Wall, and if it is dispelled once more, Mindy will still cast Bio and Cindy will take damage.


One strategy is to kill Sandy first while Cecil or Tellah heal. After defeating Sandy, Tellah should use Dispel on Cindy, then use an -"aga" spell on Cindy. Cecil should cover Tellah. Cindy should be defeated before she uses Reraise. After defeating Cindy, Mindy will cast Bio and a -"ra" spell on herself.

As Cindy revives Sandy and Mindy after two consecutive turns, it is possible to rack up EXP and gil from this single battle. When Sandy/Mindy is killed, and then resurrected by Cindy, the earned EXP and gil accumulates. It is also wise to heal Cindy to prevent her from dying. This is a quick way to level up Cecil if he is only member left alive. In the SNES version the party members, such as Rydia, Rosa, and Kain, will be leveled up to Cecil's level.

Other media[]

In Live A Live, an RPG for Super Famicom developed by Square and directed by Final Fantasy IV lead designer Takashi Tokita, the boss Shan greatly resemble Cindy.

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