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Cimicine Discharge
FFXI Cimicine Discharge.png
MP 32
Effect Slows enemies within area of effect.
Duration Varies
Casting Time 3 sec
Recast Time 20 sec
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element Earth
Jobs BLU 78

Cimicine Discharge (C.ディスチャージ, C. Disuchāji?) is a Blue Magic spell learned from Gnats in Final Fantasy XI. It reduces the attack speed of enemies within range. It costs 3 Blue Magic Points to set and grants DEX +1 and AGI +2. It can be set alongside Leafstorm to create the Magic Burst Bonus trait. When used by Gnat, the gnat also gains the effect of Haste. It takes 3 second to cast and can be recast every 20 seconds.

Cimicine Discharge is also an enemy ability used by Gnat family.