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Humans, why do you tread upon the leaves of this divine homeland?

Queen Cilque

Cilque is a non-player character from Final Fantasy Dimensions.


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Cilque has been queen regnant over Alfheim and the Elves along with her husband, Freyr, for an undivulged period of time. Sometime before the events of the game, Freyr's memories were erased and he was exiled to the mazewood by Asmodai, and Avalonian General, who later disguised himself and took Freyr's place as the king of Alfheim, unbeknownst to Cilque and her son. Her first appearance is at the end of A Dragoon's Love with her husband and son, Prince Adrian. The Elf King remarks upon the downfall of the world which has been brought on by the decadence and depravity of the humans.

When the Warriors of Darkness arrive at Yggdrasil, the seat of power in Alfheim and the residence of Cilque and her family, she meets with them along with Adrian and Freyr on the highest floor. Using the crystal, Nacht removes Asmodai's concealment as the king to the surprise of Cilque and Adrian. He incapacitates the warriors, and then Prince Adrian when he tries to kill Gramps, who is revealed to be Cilque's husband, the true king. Cilque rushes to her sons side, and Gramps defends the both of them from Asmodai's next attack, having at last remembered who he is. The queen seems to remember to, and cries out to him as he takes the blow meant for Cilque and her son.

After Freyr dies, Cilque is made Queen Regnant of Alfheim, to rule in Adrian's stead until he comes of age and can rule by himself. She speaks to the party at his gravestone in Alfheim, thanking them for their service to the land, but forbidding the Elven forces from joining with the Warriors of Darkness. To assist the party, she instead gives them her missive, a document to be given to the dwarves of Aulë to gain their trust, as the Dwarven nation holds Cilque in high regard. To get the warriors to Aulë, she allows them to ride a Gryphon from Alfheim to the nearby continent as a final sign of gratitude.

Cilque and her son next appear in the final chapter, and have joined together with the Dwarves to fight the Forces of Nil. After Elgo has been defeated in the void, Cilque and Prince Adrian are taken to Burtgang by Cid, where they both witness the inducting of Princess Sarah as queen.

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Possibly a mistranslation of "cirque", which is French for "circus".