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A knight who appears in the tales of holy stones known as auracite in the distant world of Ivalice. Cidolfus Orlandeau is also known as "Thunder God Cid," and is a man feared by many due to his reputation as the undefeated general of the Order of the Southern Sky under the banner of the Black Lion. Once the War of the Lions had erupted amidst disputes of succession within the royal family, his resolve to protect and fight for the people never faltered.

Orlandeau (5★) description

Orlandeau is a summonable vision and optional playable character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He serves as a character representative from Final Fantasy Tactics, and has been available for summoning since the event The Auracite Chosen (which originally ran in March 2017 in the Global version).


Orlandeau is a 5-7★ Rare Summon, whose role is Physical Damage. His job is listed as Holy Swordsman, whereas his default attack is a 2-hit slash with his sword. He has no innate element or status ailment resistances. He has a Trust Master reward: the Thunder God's Plan accessory—which, when equipped, enables use of the Crush Accessory, Spirit Blade and Ultima Sword abilities. His Super Trust Master Reward is Thunder God's Sword, a Light-elemental greatsword with an Attack power of 174.

His awakening materials are the following:


Orlandeau's stats at his highest levels are as follows (with no passive abilities taken into account), along with the maximum amount of stat points that can be increased through pot-enhancements:

Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Drop Check*(Maximum burst stone drops per hit)
5★ 80 2785 (+240) 109 (+40) 119 (+24) 95 (+16) 95 (+16) 89 (+16) 5 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
6★ 100 3621 (+390) 142 (+65) 155 (+34) 124 (+26) 124 (+26) 116 (+26) 6 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
7★ 120 4689 (+540) 184 (+90) 197 (+65) 170 (+40) 161 (+40) 157 (+40) 6 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png


Orlandeau has four ability slots. He has no magic affinity.

While he has no innate status ailment resistances, the passive "Black Lion's Crest" grants him immunity to Blind, Sleep and Paralyze.

His ability "Divine Ruination" is a 7-hit chaining skill, and its frames (frame delay: 70-7-5-7-7-7-7; attack frames: 70-77-82-89-96-103-110) allow him to perfectly chain with Agrias's "Divine Ruination"+2, Veritas of the Dark's "Dark Punishment", Fryevia's "Frost Flower Blitz"+1/+2, Sephiroth's "The Heavens Wept", Raegen's "Blades of Azure Crimson", among others. Due to its ability to reduce the enemy's resistance to Light, Orlandeau should be equipped with a light-elemental weapon to take advantage of its Imperil. Giving him some form of Dual Wield will double the hit count to 14 (thus, he can generally reach a chain of 27 hits with a partner) while spending the necessary MP just once.

Rarity 5★
Trait Lv. Learned
Judgment Blade 1
Shadowblade 5
Crush Weapon 15
War Sense*(Passive) 21
Northswain's Strike 28
ATK +30%*(Passive) 46
Duskblade 58
Cleansing Strike 80
Rarity 6★
Trait Lv. Learned
Black Lion's Crest*(Passive) 1
HP +30%*(Passive) 39
Hallowed Bolt 71
Auto-Refresh*(Passive) 91
Divine Ruination 100
Rarity 7★
Trait Lv. Learned
Thunder God Cid*(Passive) 101
Blade of Creation 105
Perfect Ultima Sword 110
MP +20%*(Passive) 115
Captain of the Order*(Passive) 120
Ability Awakening

Orlandeau has three traits that can be enhanced:

  • By default, Crush Weapon deals physical damage to one target and decreases its ATK and MAG by 40% for three turns. Crush Weapon+1 will raise the reduction to 45%, whereas Crush Weapon+2 will increase the effect's duration from three to five turns. Its requires Black crysts as materials.
  • Divine Ruination is a 7-hit partially-unmitigated attack with a Light-element imperil that costs 45 MP to use. Upon its first awakening, Divine Ruination+1's modifier rises from (2x) to (2.3x). Divine Ruination+2 further raises it to (2.6x) and lowers its cost to 40 MP. Its requires Power crysts as materials.
  • The passive Black Lion's Crest increases his ATK by 40% when equipped with a greatsword, and nullifies Blind, Sleep and Paralyze. If awakened, Black Lion's Crest+1 also increases his HP by 20%. Following a second awakening, Black Lion's Crest+2 also enables Orlandeau to increase his ATK (40%) if equipped with a sword or katana. Its requires Tech crysts as materials.
Limit Burst

Swordplay: Raiden (全剣技『雷神』, Zen Kengi "Raijin"?, lit. All Sword Skill "Thunder God") is Orlandeau's Limit Burst. A damage-type ability, his 3-hit attack deals physical damage to all enemies, by using Judgment Blade and Night Sword in quick succession.

Orlandeau's 7★ Trust Ability "Thunder God Cid" will enhance Swordplay: Raiden's effect, if Orlandeau is equipped with his own Trust Master reward, Thunder God's Plan. Along with a boosted modifier, it will have a 40% chance of inflicting Stop for 3 turns on all enemies, and will decrease all enemies' DEF as well as recover Orlandeau's HP to 100%.

The damage modifier and how much the enemy's DEF is reduced will depend on Orlandeau's LB level:

Rarity Name Change in Effect Cost
5★ Swordplay: Raiden Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (2.5x) 14 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 20) Damage dealt (3.45x)
6★ Swordplay: Raiden Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (2.7x) 16 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 25) Damage dealt (3.9x)
7★ Swordplay: Raiden Base (Lv. 1) Damage dealt (6.1x)
If equipped with Thunder God's Plans: Damage dealt (9.1x); decrease stat by 45%
16 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
Max (Lv. 30) Damage dealt (9x)
If equipped with Thunder God's Plans: Damage dealt (12x); decrease stat by 74%


Orlandeau can equip the following weapon types: swords, great swords and katanas.

He can equip the following armor types: light shields, heavy shields, hats, helms, clothes, light armor, heavy armor and robes.

He can equip accessories.

Orlandeau has an exclusive ability materia: Crush Helm, which allows Orlandeau to deal physical damage (1.9x) to one target, and decrease its DEF and SPR by 40% for three turns. It was available during the Auracite Chosen event, at King Mog's reward shop.