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No amount of hardship can tear our two countries apart.

Cid Fabool VIII is the father of Cid Fabool IX, the current regent of Lindblum, in Final Fantasy IX. Cid VIII was the eleventh Regent of Lindblum and during his reign, the Berkmea cable cars were built to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of friendship between Lindblum and Alexandria.

According to the information inscribed on a statue of him in Lindblum, Cid VIII developed the first Mist-powered airship in 1762. He also led the airship armada in 1771 and brought peace to the continent. He collapsed from illness in 1780, and died seven years later. He had befriended Baku of Tantalus Theater Troupe in 1776.[1]


  • As the ninth game in the series, the dates that Cid VIII built the airships (1762), led the armada (1771), and fell ill (1780) are all nine years apart, a recurring number within the game.


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