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Cid is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy.




Who's Who[]

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Age in Grymoire: Unknown
(40, when he was human)
Notes: Robot? / Claims to be human / Talks fast / BZEEEK! / Hopeless bibliophile / Local library menace
Man or Mech?
No matter how you slice it, Cid is a robot through and through. Nonetheless, he insists that he's human. Might as well humor him.
Cid and Celes grew up in the same town and have known each other for years. He's lucky to have a good friend to step in and quiet him down whenever he occasionally enters robo-rampage mode.
Soul Switcheroo
Celes made it sound as though Cid's soul found its way into his new metallic body by accident. If so, he was lucky. The truth is, Cid was mortally wounded while fleeing from the Federation and would have died if he hadn't switched bodies.
That said, he is pretty happy that he no longer needs to sleep. More time for books! Other benefits of mechanization include limited rocket boosters (great for accessing those hard to reach bookshelves) and never having to worry about getting a paper cut. Cid always did have a talent for finding the shiny silver lining on any cloud.
Part of the Tradition
He's taken a number of roles and personalities over the years, but one's thing for certain: it's not FINAL FANTASY unless there's a Cid! He's even found his way into the spinoffs.
Interestingly enough, Cid's soul wasn't brought to Grymoire like the other classic characters. However, the powers that be must have understood that conceptually, someone named Cid has to be born for the whole Champion System thing to even work. And that's how Grymoire got its own unique Cid.
Cid and Celes
The first town that the nascent Federation seized was Cid and Celes's hometown. If you're curious as to what happened, talk to them and they might drop a few revealing hints.
Each of them has saved and been saved by the other countless times; at this point, they're close enough to be called family.
First World of Origin:
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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Cid (WOFF) [4-034R] Opus series card.

Cid appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as an Ice-elemental Backup card.


The following is a list of quotes uttered by Cid when talking to him.

Tometown of the Ancients

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