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The creator of all Avalonian airships, Cid takes the helm as director of the imperial air force. Before joining Avalon's army he was just a simple technician, but he came to prominence with his invention of the airborne machines.
—Official description

Cid is a minor, recurring antagonist in Final Fantasy Dimensions. The inventor of the world's first airship, he is a brilliant machinist and technician who has risen to become one of the Emperor's most trusted subjects.



Cid appears as a middle aged man wearing a long military green coat covering his white vest. He also wears greenish-brown pants and a pair of blue boots, he also wields a sword but is never seen using it.


Cid appears at first as a truly devoted, no-nonsense, serious and cold officer of the Avalonian Empire. He initially has little if any remorse in using whatever means are needed to achieve his mission, such as using a group of young teenagers as spies, for he believes it will bring glory to the empire. For him basically anybody under his command is just a pawn and tool to be used for him to exploit accordingly. The best example of this are the Argy units, powerful robots that were given intelligence but that he just sees as mere war dolls and refuses to acknowledge that they can act or feel on their own accord and even increases their control over them completely apathetic of any pain they may endure.

He is also seen to be very direct and methodical and always prefers to act step by step making sure things never stray out from the initial plan, but can somewhat accept divergences if he believes they can be useful, for example when Vata appeared to take over his operation to acquire a crystal shard, which end in brutal failure when the general got the power for himself, an act that brought the immediate frustration of Cid and immediately proceeded to tell the general he was going to place him under court martial, showing that he also seems to be somewhat unafraid of the generals if he feels it is needed.

While vain and proud, Cid is not entirely devoid of compassion or regret. When he suffered his final defeat, he told the party of an escape route they could use while refusing to go with them as he would rather die than to escape with his enemies, a decision he quickly changes when the Argy-2 robots decide to save him, because he was their "friend", an act that moved him to tears and from that point onwards he defects from the Empire. During this time it is shown he has a particular airship that he treats as his "lucky charm" showing he does have emotional attachment to tools he uses.


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Born at an unknown time in an unknown place, Cid joined the Avalonian army in his youth as a simple technician. As he worked in the Empire's martial division, he began to show an affinity for mechanics and creating vehicles capable of sustained flight. Later in his career Cid managed to invent the world's first airship, rising to prominence as the director of Avalon's imperial air force.

He first appears in Harmonia, where he has been ordered to gather Alba, Nacht, Dusk and Sarah to perform a task for the Empire. He takes them to Mt. Lux, and directs them to cross the mountains to the shrine beyond it, and steal the crystal from inside. He later appears aboard an airship in the world of light, where he lies in wait for the Warriors of Light to come and take the crystal shards from atop Highwind Tower. Before he and his crew can get close, the ship is attacked by a group of Dragons that assemble to protect Barbara and her friends from Cid's plot. He manages to repel the attack with inbuilt protect and shell barriers, but fails to capture the Warriors and the crystal when Vata, an Avalonian general, unsuccessfully battles them in his place.

Cid is next seen in Chapter 3, present on the airship with Dr. Lugae and his creation, Argy. He is in the process of transporting the two to the newly constructed Heliogabalus, where Argy will operate as a weapon of war. Argy is angered and loses control when Cid harms her creator, and an ensuing malfunction causes her to be thrown overboard. Once over at the Heliogabalus, Cid learns that Sol and company have found Argy and are heading their way, so he alerts Lugae and reassures him that he will be reunited with his 'daughter' soon enough. When the four arrive with Argy in tow, Cid takes control of the robot and forces her to attack her allies. When the group brings her back to her senses and his control over her is broken, Cid resorts to his next plan: He introduces 'Argy-2', an imitation of the original with enhanced fighting capabilities and no emotion that he appropriated from Dr. Lugae's work. He leaves his servant to take out the warriors, and quickly escapes while they're distracted.

He returns in Chapter 4, where he pilots the repaired Heliogabalus in an attempt to first sink the ship that the Warriors of Light are riding, then to wage an assault on the floating city of Mysidia. The four manage to climb aboard and sabotage the ship, causing it to malfunction and start to fall out of the sky. They encounter Cid in the sky dock, attempting to escape via a smaller airship. The party is ready to do battle, but Cid summons three Argy-2s to defend himself, using them as bodyguards. However, the sentient machines are convinced by a distant Argy (their sister) not to harm her friends. The three turn on their master, who concedes that the protagonists have bested him. He stands aside and lets them pilot the ship out, but Dusk informs him that the ship's navigation system has become inoperative in the explosions that have rocked the ship. He urges the four to leave by way of an emergency exit while he stays behind to sink with the ship rather than escape with them, however the Argy-2 units that were holding him off, express their desire to save him because they consider Cid their friend, a revelation that moves him deeply.

While the four believe him to be dead, Cid makes an entrance onboard an airship just before the party confronts Chaos Elgo. He's teamed up with the Mysidians, using his weaponry, coupled with their magic and a group of Argy-2 they fight off the forces of Nil. He makes one last appearance in the game's ending, where he appears to have had a change of heart regarding how he sees the protagonists and their friends and family. He uses his ship to transport the Queen Cilque and Prince Adrian of Alfheim to Burtgang so that they may witness Sarah's coronation as queen of Burtgang, but does not attend the ceremony himself.

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